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aiyoo ~
these days been busy peeps.
oh yea,
ystrday was apr fool's day.
i've got upto 13 friends been fooled by meh.
hehe XD
well, but at night, i got fooled too.
by ban thru txt msg.
ahaks. what a veh funny joke.
said tht he loves me & wants to get tdgr w me.
haha. i was lmao when i knew it was apr fool.
XD some even txt me abt am i looking fr a job..
& want like $100+ of salary fr just one day.
haha by just like taking pictures & talk-talk w th tourist.
lmao ~
& i even fooled my bf too.
hahs. but he was kinda rather smart.
dammnnmit! X/'

oh yea, i've been absent myslf lately frm dance practices.
sry guys. im lilbit urh, "lazy"
but iel tryna catch up with u guys bfore 13th.
which will be th date fr apr intake performance.

& my dear nico, sry yea i cnt meet you fr today.
maybe smdays? hehe :D
i knw u cnt w8 to see my new hair..
lalalalalala ~ XD
but nwae, meet ya soon when im free.

& to my dearest friend, fadly,
my bad if today i cnt make it..
to meet you alright.


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