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jyeah i knw its been days since i didnt update..
been busy urh..
but anyways.
heres gon be my looonggg loonngg update.

6Apr'o9, mon.
hmm, i didnt have my dance practice..
so yea..
went to visit my dear friend, nafri.
at cgh..sigh, he gt accident th day bfore..
hmm..reached thre arnd 12+ i guess..
meet him at th fish pond..
then, went up to his ward..
met his family..& hrs ltr,
his relative came..
some offered me smtg.
his auntie i guess..haha..
gave me brownie, & its delicious..

took a picture of it..

brownie is delicious!! =D mmmmm, soo veh yummmy~

i then went to th toilet..
cam abit inside th toilet..
haha. with my silly face.. XD

hmm, while w8-ing fr farah to come,
i went to th foodcourt to eat..
haha. farah soooo lonngg..
& im alone at tht tyme..

& this is tau suan..haha my fav! <3
ice kachang also actually..bt didnt bought em..

aft eat, went to th fish pond around thre..
& was otp w rizal..took a picture of th pond..
haha, with th fish. XD

farah then came..met her at th specialist..
haha, she said i look like as if it wasnt me frm my back..
then, went up to th ward meet nafri..

was kinda bored so took some stupid poses..
this was candid.
hahas, farah took this..

we then went out..walk2..
saw wheelchair, took pictures.

anyone, join meh? haha.

i took this & its a candid..

we then gt ntg to do..
so we walked up to th st andrew's bridge..

aft tht,
went back to cgh..
we all walk2 at th emergency room..
but gt shoo off by th doctors & nurses thre..

then, came to ward rizal's grndfthr..
cos th grndfthr was charged thre too..
but i & farah came to take photo..
when we saw a wheelchair..
haahs. this time farah's turn to take picture with wheelchair..

this is rizal's small bro. cute aite!! XD

jyeah, hes cute & i cnt resist of tht! hehe.

was inside th life..gg dwn to foodcourt..

aft bought some food,
i & farah went up..
rizal went his own way..
meet nafri..

i bought this at th foodcourt..
its my fav food too!!

aft eat, i & farah went off.


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