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hey peeps!
i knw its kinda seldom i update my blog.
alright. imma blog abt ystrday..

ystrday was monday. =.=
haha .
went skwl at 1..
aft lesson at 3.45,
meet dear gary at canteen..
then, he accompany me..
went to meet my bro at th backgate..
aft tht,
chill awhile..
then went to th canteen..
had my lunch.
nafri & rizal went off..
left farah;haqim&ezum..
well, they 3 went up nxt class..
& i didnt..
cos my food haven finish yet..
they 3 went up..
gary & friends accompany me..
didnt come fr nxt lesson since i end my food at 5..

aft tht,
took bus w him..
chat all th way..
& i enjoyed it.
then, went to send gary home..
aft he changed.
took th same bus to dwntown..
cos hes gg to work..
well, aft tht,
he w8-ted fr my bus at dwntown..
smtg happened & it was sooooooo sweet! ^_^
he went off to work.
& i took my bus.

kaes, aft tht,
went to meet dom.
haha. my hilarious friend.
met him arnd 8.30pm..
arnd 9, my bro came..
then arnd 9.30 went off.


& today,
i can say sucha tiring day.
start skwl at 2.30..
bt i gt student council stuffs..
doing usherring..which started at 8.30AM!! -sigh. =.=
had a principal talk in th hall fr th apr intake ppl..
th talk, sooo boring.
& i guess i had th talked once in jan..
alright, & i had to listen again in apr..
& coming,
will be another session.
total im doing 3 session..
overall i had 4x of principal talk..
wtfreak. & th rules are screwed up in my brain.
cos ive listened it fr like more than twice..
nw im doing nothing...
currently in th student hub.
eating. hhah.
then ltr,
will be meeting dear gary arnd 4+..
yay!! XD

alright. ive got ntg much to write.
oh yea,
will be updating my previous post when im free aye.
currently all were photos..
& it was arranged randomly.
kkeh, till here peeps.
tcares .~


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