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wei ~
ystrday went to j8..
had my hp sent fr servicing.
dammit i frgt to do contact back up..
dammmit all were missing.
except fr some..
peeps, those who got my num, txt me jyeah.
makesure include ur name aite.
mon, i gotta ask all those guys who aquainted me fr their num..
tsk.! arghhh. make me soo wth!

alright, aft went to j8,
head dwn to wisma..
aft wisma, to bugis.
was abt to eat at long john..
but th seats were all full.
damn. but then,
bump onto some of my boymates at th bugis..
hahas. they were all was abt to eat at long john too..hahs.
some txt me they was at bugis..bt didnt saw me..
ahaks, too bad uh.
so, had dinner at burger king.
aft tht, went shopping at bugis..
then home. ~

nwae, thanks to all my reader.
didnt knw u guys still looking frward on my updates.
hehs. tcares all!


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