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alright, today reach skwl at 1pm..
went to meet gary..
then go class..
in class, he txt-ed me..
he said he just noticed tht guys have been checking me out..
i was like "hw u knw"..
he said cos he was behind me when i was omw to class..
guys been like running aft me..

so, lesson dismissed at 3 liddat..
was abt to go dwn to canteen first meet gary..
but end up went to canteen with friends..
ezum didnt attend to skwl..
so do nafri..
so left me,farah,rizal&haqim..
went canteen, have lunch..
aft tht, i went with gary..
chat at th canteen..
and so,
fr th nxt lesson which will be frm 4-6,
my friends was abt to go home..
so left me..gary went home & all..
i went to class..aft class,
changed go dance prac..

dance prac, meet new faces..
bt all was guys..haha.
no females..
getta aquaint some of em..
meet new ppl too! haha.
dance till like 9..
went home.

eat, otp & slp!
nw im tired..
tmrw skwl's starts at 2.30..
bt i gt meeting fr my upcoming comp which is at 8..
dammit so early.
nwae, cya guys tmrw!


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