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hey people.
today im gonna tell u abt my 2nd day of camp..
hmm, it was rather outgoing compared frm th 1st day..
much more enjoying..
i'll just continue frm th previous post..

since i did'nt went to sleep,
so, i played th comp..
went to chat with ppl..
do stuffs with th comp..
till like 8.30am..
went to wake my friend, Ezum.
we're supposed to get everything ready by 10am.
alright, had everything done.
went to th canteen,
had our breakfast..
aft breakfast, we took bus to ecp..

reached ecp around 11+am i guess..
i did'nt getta follow-up th activities.. -sad isn't it? haha
cos they told me to do first aid duty..
just in case anyone get injured..
& so,
during tht period of time,
im making used of it..
by sleeping..
haha, since i did'nt sleep last night..
after tht,
well, it was a long hr after all..
& of cos its damn hot!
sooo sunny! 8/
i did went to th sea thre by myself & some with friends..
to chill myself..
times get later, things got more boring..
so, after they had their lunch,
they played games again..
fr th 2nd game,
sadly, someone injured th knee..
poor thing. -get well soon yeah! :]
after all end, we took our group photos..
around 6pm, went off bck to sch..

okay, so now, in sch..
they did took pictures again..
after tht,
they started to play this game..
sort of throwing water balloon to each other..
i felt lucky since they did'nt getta hit me..
X] so im not wet! hehe
after tht game, had ourselves washed up..
go shower all..but i & Ezum did'nt shower..
cos we're going to shower at th end of th day..
after all done, had our dinner at 8pm..
after dinner, had our singing competition..
& my group went to sing 2 tracks of songs..
some of th groups sang so humourous..
when th singing thing is done,
they said they'll not going to announce th result at tht moment..
they'll going to announce it on th next day..
which is going to be soon..
hmm, well, hope my groups atleast win smtg..
after they released us,
i & Ezum went to slack around our usual spot..
haha, we went to talk crap during tht hour..
then, we went to sit at th field..
waiting fr our friends to come..
while waiting,
i & Ezum entertained ourself..
& few mins ltr,
Firdaus came to meet me..
then, next 1hr, Rahimi came to meet Ezum.. -wakakakaa XD
we slacking fr 1hr..
but bfore Rahimi came,
i & Ezum had time to go shower..
haha, sorry to keep u waiting Fir till ure asleep..
when we're done,
few mins ltr, then Rahimi came..
we all slacked together at th field side..
& thanks to Firdaus fr teaching me how to make a rose by using tissue.
wooh! haha
total i got 3 roses from him.. haha
alright, then, around 2.30am,
i went to th student hub.. -to sleep.
haha, yes to sleep..
& i dnt wanna drag Firdaus to sleep late again like last night bfore..
so, i had a comfortable sleep on th 2nd day of th camp..
cos sleeping with air-conditioned room..hehe.
slept till like 5.30am,
then i woke up.
went to th field side since i did'nt see Ezum around..
& to my surprise, Ezum & Rahimi was thre..
they both were sleeping.. -bt not together alright! =p
i was like, omg..
but nvrmind, so i went bck to th student hub,
switched on th comp, & update my blog post..

oh yeah,
there're some pictures taken during th camp..
will upload em some other time when i got em.

& well,
i shall end here.
can't wait to hear th result..
there're still lots more prizes to give..
& im off to ecp after this, with Ezum..

till here now.
tcares reader.
& i hope you guys enjoy ya hols jyeah! :D


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