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hey! im back again!
im going to post about on thurs..
cos i didnt have time to update..

tht thurs was our last day..
like i've said, rmbr?
i said tht atleast i want my group to win smhw..
& actually we did..
my group won th 3rd prize..
song battle..
flag design, we got 1st..
still got bt idk what..
after th prize giving thingy,
we all are dismissed.
i & ezum went to student hub..
to take our stuffs..
then off to th red table.. -our spot! haha XD
few mins,
ezum went off..
cos she got smtg on..
& im alone..
=( sad..
next, i guess 30mins ltr..
Rahimi came.. -"??" scandal..
haha.. not mine okay?! :D hehe.
he came to th table..
& asking me abt firdaus..
i got no idea whre he went to..
but i told rahimi maybe he went smwhre else..
cos he told me he'll be coming at tht area..
so, rahimi came to ask ezum.. -oops! hehe
but ezum wasnt thre too..
so, he also waited fr them..
guess its was like 1 & half hr ltr..
then they're back..
well, was surprising..
both our "partners" were thre..
ahah XD -kidding.
mins ltr, rahimi & firdaus went to shower..
i & ezum went to meddle with rahimi's lappy..
haha.. since we got ntg betta to do..
aft tht, when they're back,
we all went to watch vids all in youtube..
haha. spent our time together..
haha. was really fun actually..
around 4pm i guess..
ezum went off..i sent her to th backgate only..
rahimi was thre..
well, he asked me whres ezum going to..
& so i told him..
at last, he went to send ezum till at th paya lebar..
wooh! cheay2 ;D *wink2* hehe.
while they both were away,
i went back to th table..
& just having fun with firdaus..
enjoyed singing with him too..
next, when rahimi came back..
i rmbr-ED smtg..
since we all got ntg betta to do,
we played games on th lappy.
its a scary games..
like those make u shock those kinds..
aft tht, i told em to watch this movie called REC.
its a thrilling & violent movie to me..
cos i've catched em..
alone, at home around 11.30pm+..
so i recommended em to watch tht..
well, they got freak actually while watching tht..
& i was laughing..
aft tht movie end,
which is around 6.30+ i guess..
then we all off to paya lebar..
i thought they wanted to eat at th paya lebar post centre..
but then,
they went sent me to th bus stop around paya lebar..
i was afraid tht they planned to send me home..
actually it was true..
my gawd.
im speechless! =x
in th bus,
rahimi make those stupid faces tht makes me wanna burst laughing..
they actually went to send me till under my void deck..
my gdness, so damn nice..
thanks fr sending me back home guys!
appreciate it alot!
& thanks fr offering me to have dinner fir..
hope to see ya nxt time!


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