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hie guys!
ystrday was fun.
im gonna to tell u guys about my first day of camp..

in th morning, reached sch, met ezum..
was kinda late, supposed to meet her at 8am..
but, end up i reached at 8.45am..
went to th student hub..
then, slacked fr like an hr i guess..
then off to th canteen..
aft tht,
around 10am+ i guess..
went to th foyer..
fr playing games..
ice breaking games..
aft tht ice breaking game,
which is at 12.30pm,
off to lunch at th canteen..
till like 2.30pm i guess..
then, off to th auditorium..
we made our flag & cheering all..
aft tht,we slacked till like 5.30+pm..
some played games in th field..
but i didnt..
was just lil lazy..
hehe..so aft tht,
we went fr dinner..
aft dinner,
i went to shower..
aft shower arnd 8.30pm,
they had a meet up at th auditorium..
had some games..
like, whos th best singer all..
then, we also had a lil skit..
th skit part, i laugh like omg.
cos i was being dressed up disastrously..
hah, really.
gonna upload th picture when i got it frm em..
also had a video of me singing solo..
haha, on stage..
so, after th skit,
had another game..
like amazing race..
whre we haveta search fr smtg..
and it took us like damn fucking long hrs just to complete th game..
my gawd, make me so wtf.
aft th game,
they had themselves showered all..
& some, off to bed.
hmm, but as fr me,
i didnt..
instead, i went to th field to just relax myself..
it was so awesome..
till Firdaus came to accompany me..
frm 2.30am..
till like 5.30am..
well, during tht tyme when im with him..
was great actually.
very indeed.
thanks fr th mcd meal fr me yeah!
appreciate it alot fir..
aft i had my meal,
went to walk2 with him on th track..
went to th AVA..
cos i was lilbit sleepy.
& thanks fr offering me th sleeping bag.
but i dont need tht actually.
when im in tht room,
gawd, i dnt feel like sleep.
therefore, 15mins ltr i guess..
i sneak out,
& off to th student hub..
play computer..
wooh! betta.
which can make me awake all time!
without tiring!
alright, nw i've updated my blog..
ltr, next schedule will be,
i'll be going to th ecp..
which will be at 9.15am i guess..
then what's next idk..
but what i head they said its gonna be fun this time..
imma just check it out.

end here, tcare people! :D


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