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didnt attend morning class. went to school & reached there around 945am..was about to slack, they called me to meet them. sigh. and so, met th crew all. had myself changed. and then, th make up lady went to make up for me. and, first was like, like th basic, she asked me to close my eyes, so i did. and th next moment, i was like, omgosshhh, wth. she shaped my eyebrow. for free. haha. kinda interesting. alright, once make up part almost done, they requested me to invite my friends in. to catch me photoshoot. so ezum & rizal came. thanks to ezum for th random vid. haha. i didnt know u were taking th vid while i was having shoot.

right after shooting, went to take random pictures with rizal & ezum. hahaha. and after tht, had something on, me & ezum had to tidy up th student hub. all th sc came to th student hub to help. in th middle of tht, i didnt know tht wea supposed to come to th auditorium at 2pm. so shucks, my CA called me, and by surprised, i didnt know hes being sarcastic to me. he said,

Mr Akshay: Do you need an invitation to come here?
Me: Yeah.

...th nxt moment, i dnt know whats hes babbling about, cos i suddenly rmbr-ed about this auditorium thing so i went to put my hp away, and went to tell ezum about it. and when i get back to my hp, all i heard was,

Mr Akshay: Whats wrong with you?
Me: Huh?

tht moment i was like, oh shittos. so th previous convo he was being sarcastic. which i thought hes gonna invite me to some event or what. haha. how funny. tht part, i started to Lol with ezum. and wea supposed to meet him in 10mins. but we didnt. later, we did went th auditorium. and then, he said, in th auditorium,

Mr Akshay: I dont wanna talk to you!

..i told ezum about it cos she was with me. she also went like wthella. attitude. pfft. starting frm there, to me, knowing my CA was suck big time. hes buyer!

alright, after tht, went back to student hub. continue with tidying up th hub i think we stayed there till 6pm i guess.. then, we went to change and off to Bugis. ;D woo!.

walked around th Bugis and i sent ezum off till th train station. then i went to zen's workplace. ohhh gooosshhhy. , hahaha. funny. but nvermind. waited for him, and then, off to meet my adek @ Kfc Kovan. hahahah, i got hypnotized, again! XD Lollys.

then, off home first. cos its like sooo late. hehs.

first shot. taken by rizal.

second. wooo, ezum smiling! :D

hahaha, rizal!!

okay, my face. haha. poor rizal.

laugh laugh laugh all you can.


rizal & ezum.


hahaha. pornshot!

wooo, sxc!

stucked on th wall.

i think shes trying hard to push th wall. haha.

this lady is sxc!



wooo, i love this photo!

topshot of myself ;D

ezum took this.

hello people! thanks for reading ;D

below, is my photoshoot vid taken by ezum. thanks zuum ;D


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