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th latest post of HER tagboard will do good. yes, meet me! good ure gonna meeet me. im not gonna tag my friends along. im gonna deal with you, ALONE. but, my friends, are gonna go with me. cos they WANNA DEAL with you too. its like, bcos of you, and YOU KNOW ure doing something thts frm MY WORK. u did it again & again. i did tell u even, in polite way. so yeah, my friends are definitely running after you too yana. you did it. you find th trouble. now YOU have to settle it. you dont need to tag your friends to settle it. cos its NONE of their business.

just be ready. your tags are in my friend's tagboard. all over. nasty words. even though its not you, but it seems th cause came frm YOUR side. its because of YOU, this all bullshit things happened.


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