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went to meet zen & off to accompany him to poly. goosssh, th poly, always got this standard timing. once in, hrs later then off. its like since morning im there. after hes done, around 11 i guess, then off. was raining at tht time.

so went back to his hse together with him. then slacked there till afternoon. had breakfast with him. catch transformer halfway. haha. how funny. then in th afternoon, went off. no idea where to go, but we went down to tamp. walked around there. had dinner @ LJS at tamp. then went to tamp1. walked around. next, we went to Jurong Point. took train. and i think, we reached around 830pm. walked around and coincidence, he bumped into his another friend again for th 2nd time in one day. haha. th first was when in th morning, otw to Tamp int. haha. then walked around and wooo, he bought fr me gift. im soooo loving it. hehe.

took train all th way to Kovan. & off home.

oh yes, in th morning, i just discover new things. haha. just read th tags.

like omg. who th hella would want to admit if ure not in th wrong. but this one, goosshh. this is pretty ridiculous. and yana, if ure reading this, MY FRIENDS ARE RUNNING AFTER YOU. so watch out. not only im th one running after you. BUT MY FRIENDS TOO. whom u've involved.


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