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read this right. omg! just see what yana went to tagged me! haha. im surprised. its like been decade ive been waiting fr this. admition! haha. serious. and wala, finally she admitted. and tht last part, MAYBE. well, after all, im really gonna hunt for this kiddos. serioushit. and tht girl on very top, "Liyana" wasnt just th real liyana. just see th timing. and whats more, its yana who typed it. omg omg, yana, a girl who got fake originality. haha. all these while shes been using my OWN concept and originality. oh yes, to tht liyana, its none of your business anyway. bfore i start finding trouble with you. just one thing to this bloody fake peepos, I DARE YOU ALL MEET ME. just tht. one request frm me. i consider, if you guys dont meet me, haha. th biggest loser ive eva know. whats next, your name will be every where. "omg, i didnt know yana copied queentisha alot of thing" yeah. so for short, POSER. haha. thats just this, haven i include about friendster part, which ive been abandoned tht account for long. woa, for sure many copy paste of job done. good. th more u copy, th fake you are, yana. who was longed tryna be "queendiyana". ahah. poor thing. i think, ur concept poor quality. no attraction. thts why u trail & stalk me out, right? haha. yana yana~ th girl who tried to be me since pri 5 till wthella, now, sec 1. schooling yishun sec. my gawd. haven u had enough huh. like ur friend, liyana who tagged in ur blog & said, "why u copied me and stuffs, now u face th consequences" true what. what she said was definitely true. dare do it. dare face it. u did also said ure not afraid of me. so why wait. im waiting for YOU to meet JUST ME. i can so 100% bet you will never dare babe.


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