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today was fun day for me. i went to many place. seems like i went to explore rare places in Singapore. haha.

in th morning, went to send taqin to school, he has a party in school till 12pm. nxt, after i sent him, went to xinghua pri, return my bro report book. bump into my FT. haha. had while chat and went off. after this part, its kinda interesting. if only zen would have followed me all along, he wouldnt have missed th free food or called, refreshment. haha. i went to eat th food. woo. but only some are nice. nvm.

by th time, its 11am i think..then went to hougang point, waited for zen @ Mcd. he came and we took bus to sengkang int. went to buy Taro pie. wooo! fav mine so much!! grab bite for awhile. and took 80 all th way till habourfront int. had lunch at the food centre. took bus and off to Labrador Park. wooo, this place kinda interesting man! but, it might look scary in th night time. cos i slacked till like 7.30pm..

fun always going out with zen. took photos. wooh! its good to have photographer bf ;D

nxt, took train, went to Jurong Point. had this kinda feeling about ezum. haha. cos at tht time, i was talking to zen about tagging ezum to drop Jurong Point. and its like, went i look at my hp, one missed call, ezum. haha. goossh, called her & she said,

Ezum: ko kat maner?
Me: Jurong Point.
Ezum: alaaah ko ni, asal tk blang siang2?
Me: maner aq tau, asal?
Ezum: aq baru je blq, klau tk leh tron tadi..

...this part i was like, hahahaa. too bad lahs.

thanks zen for everything. and th food! wooo. thank you i love you.
after Jurong Point, took train, off home.

bye bye, im tired.

this is nice. thanks to dearest zen.

idk what th hell am i tryna do..haha

random pose sometimes are cool.

this pictures transform both of our tops. haha.
it just look like as if hes wearing hoodies and im wearing black to neck top.

i like this photo! , so much.

this one, he anyhow take. haha

idk whats this called.


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