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Had IBM Conference @ ITE HQ..
pictures of myself at the refreshment room, all taken by ezum.. :D

was soo in hurry tht im stup, i didnt bring my tie. haha.

haha, i just find my face like, H-OR-NY. haha.

i like this!! :D

wanna join meh? hehe.

not my birthday.

let me play the wax. woo!

see, i dipped my fingers on the wax candle. haha.

there it goes..


woo, ezummie just done frm cubical! haha

she looks like adrinna! haha.

this one funny. hahas.

yeh, respect THAT BITCH of mine. :D

see that. hee.

i loooike this photo! :D

taken by ezum. reached school..

after this, we went to Bugis. haha.


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