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goosssh, changed again about dance performance. they decided to take it back. so, meaning to say, th performance is still on. whats worst, i didnt attend my SW exam, cos idk. thanks to ezum for telling me. haha, so atleast i could make up some reason. anyway, im not coming for dance practice tmrw, sorry all. still have photoshoot on monday & briefing about it on tuesday. sigh.

about just now, fuuh, met myra @ 1pm. frm planned to meet @ 1030am, latest, till like 1pm, then reached. haha. pro. didnt do anything much, just slacked, practice dance a little, took some photos of them and off. took th same bus as bro. but he dropped first cos im dropping at tamp int. went to ite simei. goossh, th school, huge or what. it took my sucker big time just to search for th damn dance studio. haha. lucky got zen, called him & guide me through th phone. haha. even though ive went to th admin office when they already gave me th map. haha. then right, th worst part was, this group of guys was with me in th first place, but then, one of these guy, goossh, irritating. i swear big time, its damn irritating.

theres this part, where i took th lift, at th business block. i was all alone there. waiting for th lift, alright, th most freakiest part was when i went to press th button outside th lift, th lift went to close, as in force. well, i was using my hand thought tht atleast th door would repel but it doesnt i was like, dammit. cos, my had almost stuck in between th door. so went to press and rush in. th next thing, i press 1 & close. but then, th light on button 1 went off, and th door was about to close but it repels back. i was damn. cos im all alone there by myself. imagine u were at lvl 4, alone, in th late evening. so, i went to actually press th close button again, & 1. thought it would work normally, but th one make me freak off was, th door went to repel but th lvl 1 button light didnt went off. in my mind was like, damn damn, what th hell is going on, whats more, infront of me was a class, dark. and im alone there. and like i kept forcing pressing th button close, and ahuh, it works but then, it went to stop at lvl 2. but then right, none went in. so i thought was something normal.

haha, after this, i went to take bus to sim lim, meet zen. ahuh, on my way, i was telling him about what happened awhile ago, when he replied, "its like that, it was said that th business blk was haunted, esp in th evening, and usually, it went to stop @ lvl 2." i was waayy thinking, ohh goossh. hell no. but bcos he had experienced about it, so yeah. its factual. cos im already experiencing it. haha. just, hours back. haha. seriously, it freaks me so much. cos i was alone, in th lift, and no one was around me. so was wondering, how come lvl 4 th door lift kept opening when it was about to close..

met zen in sim lim, had dinner together with him @ ljs. and thanks for th treat baybeh. muacks! hehe. after dinner, took bus, went home. thanks for sending me home.

oh yes, its gonna be my 3rd monthsary. haha. 7-11. cool aye? haha. & he drew this. i loooike it. i find it cute. haha. he just used paint to do it. i was like, woa, how th hella did u do this. haha.

HAPPY 3RD MONTHSARY TOO! xoxo. & thanks for th poetry in sms.

to the who used my name to tag yana, go ahead. & yana, ure dumb prick.
like i said earlier, you're for sure gonna tag in back. serioushittos, its
already 'o9, ppl dont use to talk things out in tagboard. ppl MEET in person to
settle things out. not meet in CYBER.

all pictures are taken by me, her photographer of th day :D


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