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alright, this is freaky hilarious. haha. imma share something HOT wooo today.

but bfore that, write smtg about ystrday first. well, ystrday i was so tired that i immediately went to bed after i came back home. cos about th dance thingy, its cancelled due to insufficient time of practice. it was like last minute practice, so might as well cancel th entire thing. therefore, ystrday, no dance practice. had phase test in th morning. had extra class frm 1 till 3pm. kinda boring class, but nevermind, for th sake of exam's coming. haha. after class, slacked awhile with ezum , haqim & rizal. irfan went home. psst, bdw, irfan, your earpiece with me, rmbr to claim it on monday or anytime. alright, as i was saying, about my dance practice, no dance practice. so just went to walk around towning with zen. sorry zen for making you wait at mac for long. hehe. ok, reached town, it was raining, im all wet. haha. "wet-wet" after drying myself up, went to marina together with zen. wooo, iced latte, thank you zen. then had ice cream when in that coldy day. haha. after ice cream done, went toooo, ah, was about to go ecp, but then, since bro called me, and so, asked him to board th same bus as me. went home together with him. & zen. anyway, thanks for sending me home. as i said just now, after i came back home, then, sleep.

today got outing @ Sentosa, ive gotta reach there by 1030, yet im STILL, blogging right now. haha. zen cudnt tag along, cos hes working. nvermind. cos my bro is taggin along, woo. jadi lagi seru nih~

starting from this part onwards, all exciting things, haha.

next thing, ahuh, share something with yall. im sure some might take a peep @ my tagboard. if so, im pretty sure theres a tagger named, "yanakerchiqq". well, this girl, hasnt been enough i guess. but drop that. th funny thing was, she tagged me & was tryna say, shes not afraid of me. who was requesting her to be so. haha, cos i didnt even ASK her to be afraid of me. infact NONE i guess. haha. but then right, this part, i felt got some urge to check her bloggy. and so, i saw this, at her tagboard,

lazy to zoom th tag. maybe yall can click on it.

hahaha, how funny it was. cant be im taggin her when im ASLEEP -zzz~ at that time. to somebody who tagged my name there, well, i might not know who you are, but its alright. she did also went to tag on my tagboard too. out of sudden im not sure why but then, its really phathetic, cos, I DONT TAG IN MALAY LANGUAGE. how dumb was yana. i thought shes "TISHA" wannabe. haha. so called, "MY CLONE WANNABE" so, cant be she cant differ between which is MY KIND OF TAG & which is not. so meaning shes just a POSER. one more thing, u tagged & said ure not afraid of me, right. its written there, so, dont tryna post back again @ your blog & say "idk who tagged @ tisha blog" its pretty bullshit. now i wanna say this, right in your bloody brain,
since ure not afraid of me, isnt it. bring it on, dumb prick.
cos i can 100% guarantee, you'll NEVER dare to. wahahah. true isnt it.
alright, ghetto, im off. takecares. cya soon myra!~ :D


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