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Wow. Weekdays and weekend was pure hectic right after my birthday celebration. I stopped updating because I've got no time. HAHA! My bad. But anyway, I'm loving the days nowadays. Its making me feel damn good.

Wish I could blog every single day again but sadly no. I tried to leave a note to myself that I shall update my blog regularly or every night but total failure. 

But anyway, I had a random meet-up with this guy, Hilman. My best awesome mate. Met him just to take my birthday present. Really nice for him to think of my birthday while he was on vacation.. So sweet of him. HAHA! On that evening, I met Hafian first.. Went to his place to play this Mass Effect 3 then sent him off and I made my way to woodlands mrt.. While waiting, this two couple came to me, with weird look, I thought what, they actually wanted to take survey with me. After survey, they gave me this nice plastic bottle. HAHA!

I don't want to take it but nevermind =D

After few minutes of waiting, Hilman reached.. We head to KFC to have our dinner. One thing I like about us, we have been friends for years but, never been towning together before. HAHAHAHA! How funny can that be.. I just love this 4yrs of friendship. So amazing. So he brought along this nerds thing. Which is, until now idk how to eat it. HAHAHA! It was tiny2..


After dinner we went walking around causeway.. I think many shops are under renovation.. Until when also idk.. Its been months..

He just looks funny with this on! HAHA :D

And so, after walking around, we went slacking near woodlands civic centre.. Our most favourite hangout :D Talk alot of things with him, like most of the things. Actually I was about to go off, but he stopped me from going off because we met for just awhile.. And he told me that we hardly meet. Well, I find it true so I decided to stay abit longer with him.. He's just awesome in person..

Myself and Hilman

This picture below was on Thursday.. Been waiting for such a long time to have this nasi lemak Qiji. Had lunch with Ahm and Hafian at Qiji tamp.. Like finally ay. Lucky my class ended early.. around 11.. Slacked awhile in the library until Ahm told me he reached. Amazingly we contacted by Twitter only. Power.

This is my nasi lemak

Luckily we went off earlier. So I'm not late for my next class.. Next class was Java, excited. I love this class so much :D Favourite module..

Read that! :D

School had firedrill exercise last Thursday.. BBQ-ed my skin.

Domino's Pizza ^_^ after BL

And this is today, thank you so much Hafian for this :D


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