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Hi. I don't know why suddenly I feel like updating my blog now.. I've been like having emotional breakdown lately which I myself unsure why I'd feel this way.. It all started from Zen.. He was fine last Saturday, but out of sudden, he let me down. I may not know his exact reasons but he told me to give him his own time.. I mean like, WHY MUST IT BE NOW. Out of all the years?! Guess he's been having hectic week lately.. Furthermore his IPPT is coming up, which is next Tuesday.. And he doesn't have sufficient time to train, but I hope he'll be doing just fine next week.. All I'm hoping is for us to be normal back again. I JUST FEEL THIS IS TOO MUCH. But I know, what he had before on me is twice TOO MUCH too =P

Yesterday I guess I let almost all out to Hafian.. And I'm advised to cut down on mixing with guys.. I'm just used to it but maybe that is one of the reason why Zen said I'm insensitive. Which boyfriend wouldn't mind seeing his girlfriend hangouts with other guys.. Zen is strong to face my behaviour all these while, and now, I have to face the consequence that he needs his own time..

Just hoping that whatever thing happens, I'll be strong (:


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