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Hi! Finally its weekend already! ^_^ sorry for not updating this blog. And I really miss updating this blog so much.. Been busy over the weekdays..

Well you know my relationship now is on the verge of breaking up. But I'm here still holding on because I've made my promises and words clear before to him that whatever happens, I'll never leave. And so now I'm still keeping my words that I'll never leave him eventhough we may seem far apart for almost 2 weeks. Last Sunday on the 20th he asked me out to catch movie with him, Avengers @ Nex. I have no idea why he asked me out but I'll just think positive. I've learnt to think positive indeed. Nonetheless, the conversation between us still remains. Glad that he's willing to talk things up and that has really made me very relieved. I felt so much better since he told me to relax while he need his own time for now.. I may not know what's going on through his mind but I'm hoping sucky times like this will passby through soon..

For now I'm much fine than before. I'll just let him be since that's what he wants for now.. Yesterday night he said that he did some investigation on me =.= well he makes me sounds like I'm a badass here. HAHAHAH! I really had no idea what he had discovered about me so badly that he doubt himself to settle down with such person like me. Pfft. But well, I told him to think twice if he thinks leaving these 4yrs of relationship we had is worth. I once had a relationship which lasted almost 3yrs but my ex left me. So its not my fault, I didn't intend to leave. And for now, I hope he's not leaving regardless of how shaky our situation might be as I'm still keeping what he said to me before that he'll N E V E R leave me. True I may did or done something that offended him before, but like I said, which relationship is perfect and no human in this world is perfect.. Even he made mistakes too in relationship. And now he mentioned that he discovered some shits about me, which made me think am I that bad until he have to doubt himself to settle down with a person like me =.=

Apart from all that, I'm still doing great until now.. Heartbroken? A little but who cares. I know there might be some who cares but to me, a relationship without a broken heart or disappointment is not called a real relationship. As long as he is trying, I am staying.

Hopefully this will passby soon. I really miss Zen alot. Been thinking about him lately because I never meet him for almost a week =P HAHA! Guess he might be busy with his working and stuffs as he is going to ORD in 4mths time.. That's fast isn't it. And what's next, fasting month is coming around soon. Which will be in two months? I'm surprised when I knew about it. School also going to close in 3wks time. Then H O L I D A Y! ^_^  Wooooohoooo! Oh yes, I've done renewing my passport too! (Y) it was damn simple. I thought I'd need to go through a long queue instead.. HAHA! Lucky no need.. Now I have to wait for the collection of passport letter.. Can't wait. Will be out from Singapore in the next two weeks! =D


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