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Hello! I know its been a month since I last updated my blog. Reason because I was too hectic with my daily life. And until today, things has been going so fine. About me and my boyfriend, zen. We're back together like before ^_^ *happy* it happened unexpectedly anyway. It just happened. And whatever happens during that period of time when we both are not in good term, I shall just let it be. Nothing to dwell about already. I knew what happened anyway and he knew what I've been doing when we're not in good term. But there's this ONE thing that pissed me off, which was his ex, for #@$#%$& sake. I don't mean to be M E A N here, but can't you just freaking stop being a two-faced person?? Like seriously. So much the "Hatred" you had for my boyfriend and oh surprisingly you met him AGAIN. Pfft. Please, like this you think you deserve my respect? When the fact you simply crossed my line? So what if he finds you at first. Hard to say no? Furthermore my boyfriend is not BLIND AT ALL. You knew we had a talk back then, but seems like the things you told me before, to me they're all just full of shit. Really. For the things you told me especially like the part you said, "he's hasn't get over you even though he's with me?" YOU WISHED babe.

Guess the more I rant about that, the more unnecessary blogging this post will be.

Anyway, today was the best moment I had with zen (: After work, he was supposed to fetch me but sadly he overslept so I end up dropping his place instead. Its been months since I last went there ever since he was busy with work. Thank god currently he has been shifted back to Tanglin Div HQ. And what's more excited, his ORD is coming very soon. He said he isn't excited to see his pink IC back, but oh well, I am ^_^ To me its like, cmon, its your PINK IC! =D HAHHAHA! So I took train from Orchard until Serangoon.. Surprisingly it took me around close to an hour just to reach his place (Y) That's fast. The minute I reached his place, OMG, I miss many things in his house! HAHHAHA! As usual, when I reached his placed, he'd be stucked on his lappy, on dota. Yeah, he and his dota can never be separated. We had dinner together. Thanks for frying the chicken fillet for me. Hehe =P I love the dinner we had together just now. Tomorrow you dinner again at my place too yeah? ;D

After we had our dinner, he sent me at Serangoon mrt for me to take bus off home while he took train towards his work place. Now I'm feeling full, and shagged plus sleepy. I can't wait for tomorrow ^_^



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