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Yeah, as you all know, its already the month of July. Chinese beliefs its the month of ghost for them. Starting of the month I'm starting to feel the excitement for the next few weeks. I don't know why. HAHA! Probably because the first date that I can't wait is July 7th. That date marks my 35th monthsary for my relationship. Next month my 3rd Anniversary! Yay! I can't believe my current relationship has come this far.. Being together with zen in the 4th year, isn't easy enough. We both had gone through alot of disasters in relationship. Not only that, those who thinks or plan to have long term relationship, all I can say to you, it isn't easy. Going through 365 days just to reach a year may seem easy by words, but frankly it is hard, unless if you really treasure and cherish your partner, god's willing, your relationship won't have much unnecessary conflicts or issues :D

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Here I have some helpful tips that I can share based on my relationship.. Each person may have different ways of treating their partners and so do I. Well I don't mean to say that I'm good in relationship either, but I'm just trying to give some tips and hope it can help those couples out there :D

10 most important things in relationship:

This is the NUMBER ONE most important out of anything you could have in a relationship. If you do not trust your partner or vice versa, you might as well conclude it or throw in the towel. No one wants to be with someone that they have to wonder constantly about, like if they are being faithful or just even telling the truth. It's too much stress and isn't worth it at all.

If you can't talk to your partner about things and you fear that you'll be ashamed or even think that he/she will be mad, then the issue will always weighed heavily on your mind, causing arguments/fights even for small things, and will actually do damage to any good relationship. You should be able to tell your partner anything, no matter how ugly or horrible the things you wanna share may be, you should be able to try and work on the past issues.

Everyone has an opinion, and in a relationship you aren't always going to agree 100% on everything, so pick and choose your battles. If it's not worth ending your relationship over, be the bigger person and let your partner think their right, if it's not worth it, then who really cares? For example, if you can't decide on which movie to catch, let him/her pick first, and tell your partner that they have to let you pick the next one instead, no biggy :D

This goes hand in hand with communication ;D Just freaking be honest people. What is the point in lying when you will probably have to keep making up lies to cover up previous ones. Correct not? End up, knowing that the truth ALWAYS comes out in the end, so you might as well start off with telling the truth because not only will your partner be pissed about what you lied about to them, but also the fact that you lied in the first place, and then you also lose the most important tool in a relationship, which is, TRUST. Also, not only be truthful to your partner only, but be truthful to yourself. So be HONEST no matter how bad the situation is rather than telling lies.

If you are selfish, you CANNOT expect to be that way in a relationship. Not everything is about you. It takes two people to make it work, just like it takes two hands to clap ^_^ and if you are so absorbed in yourself and don't care about the other person, they aren't going to waste their time working their butt off for something that is inevitably going to fail.

This is very important. If you are not passionate about your partner then I should say, so why the hell are you with them now? HAHA! I would do anything in this world for my boyfriend no matter how bad situation is, and if you can't say the same to your partner, move on.

Laughter is good for the sole, and the greatest moments are when you are together talking to your partner until late night hours, and he/she is making you laugh your head off. Life can be so depressing sometimes, especially with our daily routine and all, so I think it's good to have someone in your life that brightens your most gloomy days (:

When it comes to this, I don't mean financially, but emotionally. You should be that only one person your partner can go to and if he/she is having the crappiest or worst day in the world, you should be there for them. Even if it takes you to listen to them while they vent, rant and rave about stuff you don't even understand. Just make sure they know you are there whenever, and for whatever reason they need you for. Be a good listener to your partner and support each other be it in any forms of matter.

This mainly goes out to the busy couples. During the week there is so much to juggle between work schedules, errands that need to be run.. You need to make sure that at least ONE day out of the week you get yourself a date night with your partner. Every relationship needs at least that one romantic day of the week that gives your partner the feeling that you think they are special, even when you both are too busy to express that point all the time. A date night will keep the romance in your lives alive and even the passion whenever you both are together :D

And finally the last and very important issue. Be an understanding partner. Don't burden your partner and expect him to text you or call all the time when he/she is totally shagged especially from work. Just keep helping your partner as you know what you're capable of doing.. it's not that difficult. Be considerate (; Doesn't matter if its about financial or not. Must learn how to give and take.

If you have all of these key elements, most probably your relationship will last through anything, I can assure you. It's not always easy, but you can work through anything together to keep your relationship going! ^_^ I may be good at giving others relationship advise, but when it comes to myself, that's the things sometimes I cannot handle. HAHA! Weird but true. If you have any questions about relationship, feel free to ask me. Goodluck (Y)


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