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Hi! Its been really awhile since I last updated my blog. Now already coming end of the month. That fast isn't it? And guess what, I've came to realised that I missed out many updates such as sharing about my Melacca trip during my June holiday last month.. Most probably I'll update them tomorrow I guess?

Well just recently last Wednesday I went for boyfriend's cousin birthday celebration.. It was a great celebrating in the end. Before we came to the chalet, we actually bought the gift. Last minute though, because all these while we couldn't find a perfect time to buy the gift. Last minute also in the end it turned out very great :D

It was scorching hot in the afternoon, supposed to be at the chalet around 230pm but end up we reached the place at 430pm. HAHA. All thanks to me. Had to go down to my workplace at Orchard just to submit my schedule.. Lucky there's train to save our time. Bought food when we reached Pasir Ris.. Zen bought 2 packets of chicken rice for himself. That's alot isn't it. HAHAHHA! 2 packets for one person?! That's alot actually for me.. After we bought food, we walked towards Pasir Ris Costa Sands instead of taking the bus there.. So unfortunately I went to drag Zen to walk through by the mangrove way, thinking that by walking that way, its gonna be a "shortcut" for us. HAHAHAHA! My bad darling. It was abit further actually.. When reached the entrance of the chalet, we then realised it was further abit than estimated. HAHA!

This was the gift we got for Zen's cousin. She loves leopard print! :D

That's me and Dayah! =D

Zen, Dayah and myself :D See her cake!! HAHAHAHA! Nice right..

Picture of us.

So at the end of the day, we went off after the cutting of the cake. I had a great time bonding with his relatives and all. Awesome day =D

And as for today, my class started in the morning.. I had practical assignment at 9am. But I reached school around 930am. HAHA! Standard. Forever late. But luckily I managed to complete the paper. Lucky! Around 1030am the test ended. Went off to McDonald at Tampines with Suhaidah and Naz.. Had our lunch there and off home.

Our lunch! The day before first day of Fasting month, Friday. Hehe.

See this Instax camera above? Yeap. I'm about to get this one for myself. Wooohooo, hopefully soon. It's really amazing! I love the design of it. I mean, the curve of the camera at the side. Sexy. HAHA! And the zoom of the lens. Can't wait to get polaroid camera for myself.


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