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Hello everyone! It been almost two weeks since I last update. Things had been fine with me all these while. Sorry for not being able to update my blog often like before. Yeah kinda miss updating my blog. But somehow I'll try my best to space my little time just to update my blog.

Well the weeks had been really hectic for me. I had to balance my daily routine between school, work and quality time with family and boyfriend. Thankfully there's friends around me too to support me during my school hours like cheering me up and stuffs like that. Blessed to have them around. We're much better compared to before. Now together we're trying our best to help each other with studies and time management, getting everyone to come to school regularly.

from left, thats Suhaidah, myself and Elly. The guys at the top, from left is Naz and the right is Huz. Missing one more who is not in this picture, Diyana.

Okay, I remembered on Thursday last week, 26th, I had an iftar together with my classmates. Good that all was present except for Huz. He was sick and therefore he's not able to join us. We had our break fast at simpang bedok. Which is quite near from our school. Had ourself changed after our lesson then head to the location. At first we thought of just walking from our school to simpang bedok, but then halfway through walking, we took bus instead. HAHAHAHA! Because it was scorching hot and since most of us are fasting, we decided to take the bus.

Reached there earlier than expected. Like 630 I guess? Settle our seats and within that period of time, we ordered our drinks and food.. Meanwhile, we took some pictures, crappy conversations and all. Some of the pictures I didn't upload because it was taken for fun like those stupid faces kind of shots. Hehe. My boyfriend, Zen, was there too. He joined me and my classmates for iftar also. Luckily it was his second day off.

That's Naz and Zen :D

That's Elly and Diyana! ^_^

And this is Yan and his girlfriend, Fifa.

Oh, the girl here is my dearest friend, Suhaidah. That's her boyfriend, Dhirar =D

I didn't managed to take the pictures of the food because everyone was busy eating and furthermore all of us was like very hungry. It's okay, probably next time I'll take some of it (:

When we're about to go off, we took a walk and passby the shop Badoque. And hopefully to dine there again with these people. Thanks to Naz for helping us taking this picture. Been months since we wanted to take pictures like this together but its not happening due to our hectic time.

I have to say that I love this picture. Hehe :D

Finally, all managed to squeeze themself inside. The rest which is not in this picture went off first..

That's another part done updating. Regarding my iftar with my classmates.. Next is, on my 30th of July.. I followed my parents to Malaysia. Damn it was fun. I love the car :D There's so much of Juicy Couture thing! ^_^ Everyone followed except for my younger brother, Farridon. He didn't want to follow. Wasted~ We planned to go out in the morning but end up went off from house around 11am? HAHA! Because dad picked my granny and my aunt to cemetery, visit my late grandfather.. After they're done, they reached my house around 1030 I guess.. See the picture below, I took when we're at the Woodlands checkpoint :D

Nice right the car? Its Mitsubishi.

Reached Malaysia, we're supposed to head to Taman Setia Tropika at Johor Bahru, but dad end up going by the expressway and had to go through paying the toll. HAHAHAHA! If we didn't ask people around, we could've end up at KL instead of JB. HAHAHA! And my dad still can say nevermind, have fun with the trip. HAHAHAH! Took us almost an hour from the expressway to the place we about to go. Reached the building about 1pm? And I swear the queuing procedure sucks! Really sucks alot. Unlike ICA building, very organized. After we're done at this building, we made our way to the Larkin market.. Its somewhere at JB. I saw one bus service from singapore, SBS, 170. Like that can shopping at JB often. HAHAHA! But I think can take train to Malaysia also right?

The outside of the market..

This one is the bridge.. 

And this! Looks like at the rochor road there.. HAHA!

Ah, this one is ayam percik. The left is chicken and the right is bird. I thought only at Malaysia exist but Singapore also have. Lol.

Drinks!! :D

Okay, that's all for the day. Bought many foods, reached Singapore in the evening, dad sent my granny and my aunt home first, then he sent me off to work ^_^ Luckily he sent me. Otherwise I think I gotta go by my own..

So, moving on.. Yesterday had another iftar with my BL mates at simpang bedok.. amazingly fun. Reached the place around 7pm. I could've reach earlier but because find this stupid ATM, had to waste an hour searching for working ATM.. =_= Sorry Zen for making you walk all the way just to find one freaking ATM machine. =P

By the time I reached there with Zen, the food was halfway there. And we have yet to order ours. Very kecoh, but nice crowds. Bumped into alot of friends around.. Boyfriend bumped into his old schoolmates too.. Saw my juniors there. But I was expecting more of it..

The left one is my chairman, Isa. The other is Kamal, my junior (:

That's Zen and my another junior, Shazwan.

Idk what is this.. It was on the table so I just took a picture of it. HAHA!


Oh this one is beef hor fun. Boyfriend loves this~ I tried and it was nice. My first time though. 

The girls :D

Aebo! Hardworking guy. HAHA!

The guy infront is Fandi.. One of my junior also..

The guy in spec, is Fish :D

From left, that's Shaik, Ika and Hisham (: 

It's her surprise birthday! :D 

The one in white beanie is Aan..

Cakes~ Which I ate half of them, because it was nice =D

Zen and Fandi, didn't they look alike? HAHA! The right is Fish..

That's Yan in the middle..

That's all. After we break fast, we're about to go grandlink but end up walking around in the bazaar. Okay, now I gotta get ready for work. And when there's time, I'll sure update again, probably tonight okay? :D Thanks for reading and have a nice day ^_^


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