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Taken on Saturday while at work. See my hair!! HAHAHHAHA! Like out of sudden I'm falling inlove with centre parting hairstyle.

Hello! Back here again. Sunday was really a fun day for me. Total hectic but worthwhile. Supposedly I had a plan with boyfriend but unfortunately he woke up late due to tiredness. I cannot be demanding to expect him wake up on time because he'll be on night shift, so end up he woke up around 130pm I guess? We're supposed to go out survey for his new shoe since he wants to get new running shoe for himself, his IPPT on Tuesday and I hope this time he could pass his 2.4km. By the time he reached my house, it was like 330pm.. And mum decided to go Geylang last minute =_= she uh, always like that, like to do last minute plan. Especially the day whenever I GOT WORK. Walauwei~  We reached Geylang at about 430pm? Bumped into boyfriend's old mate in the bus along the way..

The minute we reached Geylang, mum bought so much of foods and more foods. Next to the market and got some frozen meats and stuffs. Luckily there's my boyfriend, Zen, to carry those heavy things. If not.. Confirm I must bring.. My brother? Farridon? Yeah he didn't follow us, busy working. When he is the one thats supposed to follow along.. But nevermind. And I think going rounds and rounds at the bazaar is never enough during this fasting month. HAHAHA! Like addictive. Eventhough everytime go and its the same thing you see afterall.. I bought for myself that burger Ramly, Zen also bought the same thing for himself. After everything we bought, time check, its going almost 6pm, waited for cab like waiting for tree to fall -.- so long~ Took the cab and sent my mum off, thank you my dear boyfriend for helping and even sending all the things back to my home. Waited for him and we took the same cab off to work. Sent boyfriend first to work and then to my workplace.

At the end of the day, after I ended work, feeling awkward. Why, because I hate it whenever I ended my night shift, boyfriend isn't there to pick me up. And it wasn't my shift but due to my store manager that requested me to work on Sunday closing shift, therefore I accepted her request. Worthwhile time though at work. Even forgot to take back my soya bean drink cos I bought it at Mr Bean. HAHAHA! Left my workplace, on my way walking towards the bus stop then I remembered I left my drink XD Oh yes, one more thing, how nice to hear there's compliments coming from manager, after working for few months.. Didn't know I'm one of those few who can keep the fitting room free of clothings ^_^ Well at first when I started the job, I thought it was hell hard. But now, guess it was just a piece of cake =P But I dislike whenever they changed the placement of the clothings. Making me have to remember which clothes for table and which is for hanging.

Alright, this below pictures all was taken on last Thursday. Didn't remember to upload yesterday while updating.. Thursday usually I have this interval time between 1030am to 230pm. So within this time last week on Thursday, I had no where to go, decided to go Cineleisure and walk around. My friend, Naz, decided to tag along with me. So he's the only friend thats accompanying me along.. HAHA! Funny how after few rounds walking in Cine, we stopped at this one shop which has alot of redundant stuffs. Like really ALOT. HAHA! I forgot what's the name of the shop. It's kinda interesting shop though..

Naz saw this and told me about it. How funny! HAHAHHA!

Those weird iPhone covers..

Oh this phone, funny. First time Naz went to try it and he was amazed the minute I received incoming call from this phone.. Ah, now I remembered, the shop name was "Becky Berry"..

"DSLR" for him. HAHA!

Hey! That's me ^_^ Do I even look weird? Cos I feel like I do xD

Last few pictures after trying many shades and spectacles..

That's the end of that last Thursday.. after this thing, around 2pm we took bus and went back to school for Java lesson.

Next, regarding my guitar, you know my usual guitar? The one I usually took video and covers with it, that guitar, the headstock spoilt already =.= Tsk. I don't know how it turns out like that but I'm actually feeling sad though. Because that guitar has been with me since I learnt it for the first time. Like since last year Feb? Yeah~ And now it seems like I had to buy a new one. I know I can change the headstock but its costly, so I guess I'd rather get myself a new acoustic guitar instead. Boyfriend suggested to get electric guitar >_>

After few research, most probably I'll be buying this guitar down below. Had to go through shipping and stuffs. But its okay. Somehow I'm little fickle about it. Because shipping needs waiting time and my kind of person, cannot wait. HAHAHA! So its either I buy this and wait long long to reach me, or, buy from local.
Nice isn't it?

Until right now, I'm supposed to be sleeping. Because if not, I'll be definitely late for class. Will confirm wake up around 1pm.. I can't wait for my items to reach me. Bought few things online and estimated, it'll reach me approximately during these few days or latest by Wednesday. I bought for Zen lifeproof casing for his iPhone. Its really a durable casing. Go search about it. Very good for guys. Because the casing allows the phone to be soak on water. For short, waterproof. So that's mean your iPhone can have contact with water! ^_^

Okay, thanks for taking your time reading. Goodnight! =D


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