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Hello everyone! I know it has been really long since I last updated my blog.. And that was like two months ago? Sadly I don't have that ample of time to update my blog like before, where I used to update it like everyday.. But now hopefully I do have the time to update it back again.. Reason why I don't update my blog because my days are super busy and wasn't like how it was used to be.. But I have to admit, out of sudden I really feel like blogging back again.. Was looking through those my old times posts and somehow I think, the pictures really tells thousands of memories.. I don't have the pictures neither on my laptop nor my phones anymore but on my blog, it really remains there..

Well as a start, currently I'm on attachment at SingTel comcentre.. As CSO.. OMG, the workload is hell lot.. The part which I hated most was to handle the fussy and idiot customer.. There are many things I wish to share it here but some things wouldn't be nice to share though.. Actually I'm abit fickle about what to share, HAHA. Cos been really such a long time I never blog so feel kind of awkward and weird cos usually I'd recap the days which I missed to blog about but this has already been months.. So it takes some times for me to have a proper post..

I don't know where to start but since I already half way sharing about my attachment, so I shall just continue from there.. Alright, the work time is like from morning until night. Full shift until December. Where I hope each day will end faster.. I just think this attachment is really tough for me.. From morning, I had to wake up around 730am? But sometimes I dragged and snoozed the alarm until 8am actually.. HAHA! Too sleepy.. I also often sleep late.. After midnight, most of the times.. And I still remembered, the first day had to report to HR at Ubi there.. Was early, supposed to be there at 10am but I reached at 930am.. HAHA. Got lost, went to the wrong building. Thankfully there's security guard around. But that one also I had to ask two different person.. Lol.

I guess let's just recap about my recent life will do..

On the October 30 I'll be having my dental appointment.. I have this nervous feeling because definitely I know they're gonna extract my tooth. HAHAHA! 29th off day, 30th dental appointment. Nice ah, meaning end of the month is drawing near already and November gonna come.. Good. So long as December is coming very soon, I'm happy enough already..

Friday Hari Raya Haji, luckily I managed to inform my supervisor early regarding this occasion.. Otherwise confirm need to report work.. Like some of my colleagues.. Oh yes, currently at my workplace I have 3 classmates with me =D So work isn't that boring.. There's two of them from WT(wireless tech) course.. Good enough also.. So each time I report for work, definitely there'll be someone I know reporting for work too ^_^

Oh about this bass guitar above.. Its not mine to begin with also.. Belongs to my boyfriend. Mine is acoustic guitar. I got mine last month. Finally a new guitar, cos my previous guitar the headstock gone case already. HAHAHA! So currently I'm using a better guitar, Ariana. But as for this one above, boyfriend chose to auction this bass because he doesn't need it anymore and furthermore we both are busy with our daily life things.. No time for this kind of thing. True it feels so heavy to auction this bass off but doesn't matter much.. He rarely touch this bass anyway.. So he's auctioning this bass starting at $60.. It comes together with the guitar bag, the one behind the guitar.. Picture was taken at my room. HAHA. Couldn't find a suitable place to take so I guess this one should be fine..

Okay, at last I have a proper post, and I hope I'm able to continue blogging daily like before. There are many upcoming events coming up, one of them is, I'm organizing a chalet for my Jan & Apr intake BLs.. That includes my batch BLs too ^_^ And this time I will keep updating my blog. No worries. Every night confirm will update =D

Takecare and thanks for reading!


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