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Hi! I'm back again :D

Suddenly the days past so fast.. I was planning to update my blog the day after my last update, which was on the 25th October.. But since I was busy working, no time to update the minute I got back home.. On Thursday at work was hell. Why, because of fussy customers that usually pissed me off. From morning, before the shop actually open, they're there already queuing.. HAHA! Sometimes I wonder these people really take their time to wake up in the morning just to dropby the Comcentre early morning.. If me I'd rather sleep then wake up at a later timing.. True that when you come at a later timing the queue gonna be horrible, but who cares, just queue then..

Alright, so let's talk about Friday.. Which was the Hari Raya Haji.. Early morning I was enjoying my sleep.. HAHA. While my mum was busy at her kitchen preparing foods to bring to my granny house.. Around 11am+ then I woke up.. Actually on Friday I couldn't remember much what I did.. Cos mostly I was going back to and fro from my room to the kitchen.. But I remembered that I showered in the evening, that's when everything was done.. And we went out around evening.. Reached my granny house like 8plus? Yeah, like always. We're the last family to reach.. So many foods over there.. Got excited because I couldn't wait any longer to eat.. Had to sit down for awhile and then wait for the right time to eat..

Thanks to boyfriend for keeping the conversation alive over the phone.. He keeps texting me non-stop until the end of the day.. I thought he'd leave the phone somewhere like not around his sight but surprisingly he did not (Y) And I can say that was really good compared to before.. We went home at a later timing.. My family went off first like around 1030pm while boyfriend went home around 11pm if I'm not mistaken..

There are some pictures below that I took on Friday before we went off..

That's my little brothers..

This is Farridon.. A year younger than me. HAHA!

This one is my cousin.. Taken at granny house..

This lady infront is Nisah.. I took this picture for fun but it turns out funny though. Who cares =P

Cousins. Except for the one wearing white hijab.. That's my aunt beside Nisah's brother.. HAHAHA!

Myself and Nisah

Okay, that's the end of the pictures :D

Today is Monday. Won't share anything about yesterday because its gonna be the same thing.. Nothing much to share about yesterday because I was working.. But today is my off day. Saturday also I was working.. And about today, I was supposed to attend the SC investiture.. But I didn't turn up in the end.. I was too lazy, one of the reason because tomorrow I have dental appointment. HAHAHA! Gonna get my tooth extract tomorrow. Abit nervous also have.. And I was considering to put on braces actually.. But let's put the braces part aside first because I don't want to have difficulties eating too. Thinking about putting on braces, I might have difficulties eating during the period of wearing braces.. So I shall not prioritize myself wearing braces at this moment..

Sometimes I don't know whether to be excited for tomorrow or not. Appointment at 4pm. But I have to be there early due to registration sake =.= Out of sudden I miss ECP. HAHA. Probably I haven been there for quite some times and that's why I keep thinking about going to ECP someday..

Another thing, after my attachment, I still have photoshoot. Which I don't even know when I'm gonna inform my photographers about my availability.. Because when I have my off day, I feel abit wasted to go out. I only have a day off then following day have to go work.. That's why when I wanted to go out during my off day also like risky.. Scared not enough rest then feel the tiredness for the next following working day.

Gonna stop here. I will definitely update again tomorrow because tomorrow will be my off day too due to dental appointment ^_^ Takecare and thanks for reading! Cheers.


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