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I really love my day today. It has been so much fun and unexpected. It's the best birthday celebration. I just find it extra-ordinary. Lemme share from the start of the day..

Well school has been great for me. Early in the morning I was slightly late for morning class, but its okay. I think it has become usual for me to be late but I'm trying to be early for school as early as possible. And not to be late.. Eventually after the class ended, I thought there'll be kayaking but no. We got shooed off by the lifeguard because we're supposed to go in together with our teacher. Lastly, we found out our teacher is busy having meeting =.= when all of my classmates are feeling so anticipated that there'll be kayaking today..

For me, no kayaking I don't mind.. Went walking around the school with Suhaidah while waiting for the time to end for attendance taking.. We went to the school indoor sports hall.. We're both like expecting this one particular guy to appear or came but no. When we're about to go off, then we saw him. Funny thing, I have yet to know his name.. Often seen him in school but I guess I don't have time to ask for his name. Imagine what if I get to know his name, on my birthday. OMG, I bet I'll be extra happy for my morning.. HAHA!

After attendance was taken, Suhaidah followed me to go filming studio, supposed to do my friend a favour because they're doing some shooting assignment and that, they need some people to be in. I was in and I was supposed to be there at 9am but I went to class instead. Reached filming studio around close to 1130 when they're about to end. But luckily they end up cancelling the shooting due to their technical problems they encountered. But before I left, they sang for me birthday song, which I feel so touched about it. Thank you so much BL mates. And, the worse thing, I got sabotaged when I'm about to leave. Power eh. I don't have the picture at the moment on my phone but sure I'll upload it someday.. The best sabotaged plan I guess I got? xD

School ended, went to wash up my face though its making me feel agitated. Lucky the plan after school works, which was, dropped Hafian's place. Had a nice shower before I left. I didn't know his plan but amazingly the day was awesome for me. We took train from his place to catch movie, The Avengers! ^_^ He bought nachos and I still can taste some cheese again now. HAHA!

Yes I know it was dark, couldn't be bothered to edit.

Right after movie, he brought me to have dinner at Swensens. Why is he being so sweet on my birthday.. HAHA! His plan to surprise me works actually. And the second person to bring me to dine in at Swensens. I rarely dine in there..

Don't know what food to pick and ended up camwhoring..

This is Hafian. He's a nice guy :D

Hi, I really hate this pimple so much. Wish it'll be gone soon..

My dinner! ^_^

I really had a nice dinner today, especially the crabs and the ice creams. Super nice. Thanks for everything today Hafian. Really appreciate it alot. After dinner, it was already night, so head down to his place then off home. And I guess I'm close to have fever now.. HAHA! But its okay. I really enjoyed my day. Mum said she wants to bake cake for me and celebrate it over the weekend. I can't wait!


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