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Hi everybody! So yesterday I had so much fun with my classmates celebrating two person birthday in advanced. Unfortunately not all were there but I'm happy to see that most of my usual people came. Actually I didn't plan to come also, but because of this one special boy in class named Bjorn, I decided to take my time off for him. Supposedly I have to meet my friends but then I keep delaying and end up I didn't meet them but leaving one of my bestfriend to pick me up like always. HAHAHA. Oh wells~

Anyway, we celebrated two person birthday. The planning was really impromptu but it turns out great! Surprisingly. Alright so like always, I was super late. The last to meet them. By right the meet up at 3pm but I push it to own time own target, around 615pm then I reached Bugis. HAHAHA! What a timing Tisha. Forever late. Except work only lah =P Hee. I thought I missed out something but luckily I reached just at the right time. Because at first, two or three person only reached first and they went to LAN to kill time. So I reached like after they're done with LAN. What's new xD

Reached Bugis, I thought everyone had their dinner already but no. Was about to suggest one of my favourite food place "Pastamania" but I doubt they're lazy to walk and crossover. End up we decided to have our dinner at Manhattan. This may seem funny but it was my first time going to Manhattan. I had no time to try new places. Like always. HAHAHA! Must have someone or somebody to drag me along.. Before that they already half way queuing up at Aston. Don't know why suddenly change of mind, all dinner at Manhattan.

And while waiting for our food.. What else. Take picturesssss =D I still got alot of pictures but it'll be a mess if I upload everything here..

And I just discovered something interesting about this classmate of mine, Serene ^.^

From left that's Bjorn, myself and Serene..

Oh that's Joel, Angeline and Adeline. I always confused myself with these two girls cause of their names. HAHAHA

That's Serene and Boon Choon. Another fun people here. HAHA

Joel and my class advisor, Mr Khairul. Best.

That's me, Serene and Boon Choon =D

Okay here comes the best part, the minute when food starts to arrive one by one, I just can't stop taking pictures of the food. Too good to look at. HAHA. Doesn't matter whether its the food or drink actually. I'll just take a picture of it. Just like this...

This one Mr Khairul finish eat then I take. HAHA! By right I wanted to take the fish and chips but because it was far away from my seat, I only manage to take this.. What a photo. HAHAHA

Oh this one nice, wonderland grill or something like that. Underneath the fish got rice and to me the rice tasted like chicken rice. HAHAHA

More foodsssss.. Thanks to Bjorn for helping us to segregate the portion..

The squid, damn nice. And the prawn.. But sadly I can't eat too much prawn. To avoid any allergicness. Hehs =D

Okays, so after that, Angeline decided to order this delicious dessert. Brownies. It tasted so damn good.

Continue from where I stopped just now.. After we're done with our dinner, Angeline decided to take the cake with Adeline.. It took them quite awhile to go back and fro. But in the end it was worthwhile actually. We hope the surprise is good to these two birthday boys. HAHAHA! I did recorded a video but someday then I will upload. Not now. Now so late already, I need my sleep. Hehe.

Yay yay. The candles are lighted up. See their happy faces. So funny actually.

After singing birthday songs to them, we then decided to take a group picture of ourself. Somehow personally I really appreciate those who came. Just like one of them, Khairi. By right he's not able to come but in the end he came, after he's done with his work shift. Awesome isn't it? =D Just for birthday boy.

From left that's Khairi, myself, Adeline, Serene, Izwan, Mr Khairul, Bjorn, Boon Choon, Hafiz, Angeline and Joel. Total 11 people. Quite alot actually. HAHA

And I really like this picture the most.

Woohooo, finally some pictures with the girls. It so rare for me to take pictures with girls but I'm glad. Feels good to be chinese again =D

Oh this one right, you should know, Izwan. He yesterday moody moody. HAHA! Don't know why but I shall not bother that (;

This photo taken by Izwan. He got mood swing also still can help us take picture. HAHAHA. Thank you very nice ;D

The picture above was taken when we're on our way to arab's street already.. They planned to go for shisha.. I just follow only. Hah. Since last time, I never tried once. So I guess its normal for me to just tag along with them.

It took as like almost 30mins to find a suitable for us. End up, we shisha near the area, which I don't know what is it called. Haha. And like always, after we're settled down with stuffs, the first thing we did was to take pictures and more pictures. The next thing that come after that was talking and more talking. Especially me, I love to talk and I talk alot. So it's a good thing for me. Doesn't matter for me actually if I doesn't join them for shisha. Hee =D

That's me, Serene and Angeline =D

This is what happened when you leave a camera with me. Once in a lifetime I took picture with a snapback. Oh that snapback belongs to Izwan anyway. He left it so I just randomly took it and put in on me. HAHA

Finally another photo of us =D

Starting from here all photos and more photos. Nothing better to do. Cause I was busy talking and the next minute I'd be like having this urge to keep on taking picture. Until Izwan got agitated I guess. HAHAHA! But luckily my dear Serene enjoys taking picture with me. One of the common interest in us eh. =P

See my eyeliner!! hahahha

I like this picture.. for me ^.^

That's Khairi, Hafiz, Izwan and myself

Until here I got nothing else to share already besides tomorrow Monday, schooling. Morning class. 9am. Gaaaah. Oh yes, we all went off like around 11pm I guess? I thought my bestfriend wouldn't wait for me but luckily he did. To add on, by right I was supposed to be having late dinner but I said no because it just don't feel right yesterday. So I told him to send me straight home instead..

But atleast right now I'm perfectly fine. Just now morning somebody made my day already. To add on, my afternoon. HAHA. I feel so blessed having such friends around. The last week of May already and another special day, May 30. Looking forward for this day.


Lastly, before I end everything right, I personally want to wish my dear classmate Bjorn Happy 18th birthday. Finally you're 18! Finally legal right? Feels so good isn't it? Welcome to the legal zone. Where you can do whatever you want. But remember to do the right things okay? You can have fun but not everything you Have to try. 18 may just be a number but it also make you wiser. Glad to see you happy on the advanced birthday celebration. Another 365 days for you. I'm sure by now you should be able to think what's right and wrong. Make decision wisely and take good care of yourself. Don't always havoc okay? =D

Whatever it is, have a blast! It's your day and smile always, be happy. Like me ^.^ Hmms, what else... Oh yeah! Your present. I shall save it for the last. Wait long long okay? Chey. Kidding. HAHA! Soon. Probably I'll give it to you personally. But definitely it's belated. Cause at this moment I'm really busy and got no time to prepare anything. Don't be sad but surely you'll get the present soon! You me May babies eh! HAHAHA

That's all for this update. Thanks for reading. Yes I'll definitely keep updating this blog again. Keeping this habit back again anyway. Cause I feel its something I shouldn't neglect. Takecare!


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