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Recently I went for another shooting for short film. So here's the completed one. Enjoy!

Oh hello guys. It's been awhile since I last put up an update here.Well life's been good for me so far. And I'm  much contented with what I have right now. Ever since school started, I thought life would be the same and horrible. But thankfully I met wonderful classmates and class advisor. It wasn't what I expected but its really pleasant knowing them. I don't mean to judge them from my previous class but they're way fun to be around with.

The modules and all, surprisingly I'm able to catch up. Unlike how it was used to be. Whenever I can't understand, I'll probably just slack all the way and don't even bother to put in effort. It's something new this year and hopefully I'm able to achieve what I've been wishing for.

Another thing is about this one classmate. That guy above right, is my classmate. His name is Izwan. He is really a nice guy from the start but weeks after weeks of knowing him, we got closer and closer. And as a result, he's like the next closes person in class for me. Never knew that we have so much things in common. Like almost 99% of our daily life routine we can relate to. Oh and I still remembered when he offered to buy me a cheesecake. I love cheesecake and I didn't know that he likes cheesecake too. He bought for me oreo cheesecake on the second week of school I guess? Yeah. I guess so. I can't remember. He is one damn good soccer player. I went to watch him played soccer match within a day. Last few weeks saturday. I came down to Marsiling Sec, not knowing some of his friends were my friends too back then. So for once, he brought me to this kallang cage. But before that we had dinner with his friends all.. Oh, it was my first time accompanying him to his house. His little brother, so cute. I like to talk to him. So friendly. HAHA. What else, I don't know. There's just so much things to share about him. We're like thinking so much alike. Always happened to do something similar at the same time.

So just now, there's an excursion to science centre. Most horrible part was that we actually planned to meet at 830am. Because we're told to be in school by 9am as our class advisor have something to inform us or something, idk. End up both of us were late. HAHAHA! And therefore we missed the bus. By right 945am need to be in school but instead we both reached at 10am, when the bus has already gone by then. Luckily there's another class awaiting for bus so we joined the other class. Otherwise, I guess we wouldn't be able to join our class. HAHAHA.

Moving on..

When we reached there already, lucky our classmate answered to my phone call. I guess its been so long since I went to the science centre. HAHAHA! Can't even remember how it looks like. But I know it's damn cool. While walking around, there's this one thing that allows us to write note. Therefore, I wrote something there. See the top picture. Got my name and my classmate, Izwan =D

There's many interesting things down there. I took alot of pictures. But I didn't upload it here.

See this picture right now. So cool. Illusion. Before this there was another illusion picture. Similar to this, just that I hardly see the reflection. So I didn't take a picture of it. There's some things around there that was related to illusion. I just love looking at something illusion like this. I find it awesome. HAHAHA!

Alright so after walking dunno for how many rounds inside the science centre, we decided to go for our lunch. And again, I happened to bump into my friends. Didn't know that they're performing. So I got myself a mcchicken meal. I don't know why I bought mcchicken meal. Probably because I had mcspicy too often. Trying to cut down these kind of food intakes actually. HAHAHA!

And I always like to upload pictures of foods on my Instagram. HAHAHA

Got this. And my dear friend Izwan said "you want or don't want, if you want you take" so this is mine. Hehe

Alright guys, tomorrow I'll be having another rehearsal for some talk show performance. Hopefully I don't screw up. Hehs. And not forgetting, thanks alot for reading my latest post. I mean, I don't really blog this much or as often as I did back then, its because due to my tight and hectic schedule of my daily routine. Until I have no time to update. However, I'll try my best to make time just to update this blog again. Like daily if possible? HAHA. I'll try okay. The only thing that keeps me remembering where I went to and such is my blog. And definitely, the best place to share my day with.

Takecare and have a nice day! Cheers!


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