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3D2N Cameron

Cameron I miss you so much

Hi guys. Just incase you don't know. I went to Cameron during my March holiday with my family. It was really a damn good trip. Unexpected actually. Because by right my family only planned to go KL and Melacca again. But end up they agreed going to Cameron. I guess I'll just share about my Cameron trip since I'm halfway sharing it already..

I can't remember when was the exact date but it was 3D2N. My granny owned a house at Melacca and so we don't have to worry our stay whenever we make trips to Malaysia. Actually it was quite recent that I renewed my passport. HAHAHA! By right long time ago expired already. Anyway, we went to Cameron on the second day. Firstly when we reached Malaysia, we overnight at my dad's cousin house. I just like it whenever my dad drives us to Malaysia. The feeling, shiok. Especially when we're in the middle of the Malaysia's expressway. Super long expressway with no lights. HAHA. I still remember, we reached the first house at about 3am in the morning. Almost going 3am like that.. After settling down all, I still having hard time to sleep. But around 4am like that, I fell asleep while whatsapping with someone. Thank you so much for accompanying me all the way. The coverage was good. I guess probably because I activated the roaming. I guess only. HAHA.

The next morning, we directly went to KL. By the time we reached KL, it was like early afternoon..

Just like this, I don't know why, but I took this while I was at the expressway. Too bored because the journey was long..

It took us like 3 or 4 hours to reach KL from Melacca I guess. I couldn't remember.. Along the way, all I know that I had some foods with me and snacks to munch.. HAHAHA. Halfway through I fell asleep.. The speed of the car was so nice to me..

Tada! Jaws dropped the minute I saw this RX8! HAHAHA


We stayed here for awhile only, cause it's like a pit stop for us. HAHA. It's really quite far if we straight go to Cameron from Melacca. So that's why we dropby KL and had our lunch first before we went to Cameron..

This one was taken when we're on our way up the hill to Cameron.. Damn nice. I feel like going here again..

Strawberry Farm! In the end we went to another farm. HAHA

The trip up the hill was like ten times worse than merry go round. HAHAHA. Keep turning and turning. I was sitting at the front rear, almost vomit. Cause it keeps on turning and turning on and on for like almost 2hrs? Yes. That bad. 2hrs the car turn and turn.. Luckily I managed to hold back instead of throwing up. By the time we reached Cameron, it was like evening. The temperature starts to change already.. The atmosphere became cooler and cooler. I like! ^.^

We thought of touring Cameron but it was late already. Nearing 7pm. So we ended up booking an apartment nearby. To search for apartment, it took us like an hour.. Oh yes, in the middle of searching an apartment, we all stopped for awhile for dinner. I finally tried Malaysia's KFC. HAHAHA! The menu was entirely different from here. But I gotta say that the taste is good. Hehe.

After dinner, we continued searching for apartment.. Around 8pm then we're settled down. Inside the apartment very funny. I got lost! HAHAHA! Went out of the apartment to look for my dad but end up I got lost because I don't know where to go to the carpark. End up I went back to the apartment. But the apartment really look like those horror movie, corners all.. Hahaahah. During the night time, we all went out to buy our dinner. Had our dinner in the apartment together with my family, my uncles, aunts and my cousins all. Its great to see them following us to Cameron.. Ah, the water, and almost everything, all super cold. Very cold. Even the floors all.. There were no fans neither aircon.. I was shivering during my sleep anyway.. Hahah. After dinner, we went to the pasar malam. Damn good, alot of strawberries all, especially the ones with chocolate coated.

Next day was great. Spent half of the day at Cameron.. Early morning woke up, had my shower and all. We went off like around 12pm like that.. From there, we went to make our way to the tea valley. The scenery was really nice. With the cooling weather.. I wish to go there again someday. Took so much pictures but have yet to upload.. Maybe someday I'll upload it here.. The first picture on top is one of them taken at Cameron tea valley.. We went off around evening if I'm not wrong.. Going 5pm like that.. Back to KL for awhile.. Have our dinner, all I know we had good food during our dinner time. Got satay and all. Hahha. Will really upload the pictures soon. Around night time, we then make our way to Melacca.. Stayed another night at my granny's house..

On the 3rd day, I woke up and realized my family all gone except for my younger brother and my granny. HAHA! Few hours later when they came back, they brought so much of foods. Yummy. Had my late lunch. But before that I went to the nearest 7 11 with my younger brother. Bought our own foods and then back home.. I can't really remember what happens next but I know we all went off around night time I think.. Cause by the time we reached Singapore, it was like 12-1am..

Its 430am plus already right now and I'm still not done with my blog. HAHAHA. I will continue this part soon on my next update.. Now I really gotta sleep. Else I'll be having a hard time waking up later..


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