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5D4N Vacation @ BKK

5D4N vacation @ Bangkok


There's so much things that I wish to share here again after so long but unfortunately, I don't have the time like I used to. Looking back at my previous post which was two months ago.. Yeah. It looks promising about my regular updates but in the end I didn't manage to have the time to update it. Sad right? I know. Been so busy lately with school and work. Not to forget, my personal life also. And many other things actually that has been going on.

I should be blogging immediately after I came back from Bangkok but sadly I didn't. Simply because my laptop screen being a bitch to me. The LCD got cracked its making me difficult to see the screen. Anyway, I love this Bangkok trip so far. The furthest that I've traveled I can say. Haha.


I was excited. I don't know how to describe the feeling but I'm just excited the minute I boarded the plane. HAHAHA! Maybe because its my first time, thats why. My parents sent me off at the airport. It was unexpected, I thought they wouldn't wanna send me off. Hehe. I'll try to share as much as I can alright =D Reached airport at about 430am, the flight was at 630am. How I wish I can come at 630 but I didn't know we have to check-in and stuff like that. Sort of something new to me. After checking in and all, had my own time to roam around at the departure hall before I boarded the plane.

Happy on plane. HAHAHA

In the plane, I was so hungry that I decided to buy something for myself. But it looks like everything was so expensive! 

End up I still bought them. Hahahaha. Too hungry, cannot take it. Cost me $14. Haha

I had nasi briyani on the plane after 1hr of doing nothing but listen to music.. The rice so little. Not enough for me. But because I was close to have gastric, that's why like no choice but just buy only~ HAHA

This one almost reaching Bangkok already..

The clouds... Amazing. I like. Somemore I sat near the window. Hehe

The entire journey was 2 and a half hour and this is Bangkok's airport! ^.^

So once we reached Bangkok, we took our luggage and all. Boarded the bus chartered just for us and off to have our lunch at one of the restaurant. The food was nice and I like it! =D

There's like fried chicken, fries, fried bee hoon, this and that and not forgetting, the tom yam soup. Super nice!

After our lunch, they brought us to this mall. Can't recall what mall was it. We went to catch 5D at one of the cinema and the sea aquarium. Total awesome! Sorry if I didn't type much. I just can't recall. HAHA. I hope you don't mind =D

On the left is my classmate and the other two was from another course but they both were classmates ;D

I don't know why but I find this mascot like funny. Haha

See how tan am I? Yeah. Always go out only.. =P

Oh yessss, here we go.. To the 5D cinema!

This was taken before the show started, in the cinema..

After the 5D, we went to visit the sea aquarium..

Yay my hair long already! HAHA

I kinda like this photo of myself. HAHA.

Turtle. At first I didn't even notice there was turtle inside.. 

And again, me. Haha

Happy girl. HAHA. Actually this one after done with the sea aquarium.. Don't know what to do, so like always, take picture ;D

After all those, we passed by the McCafe, the McCafe was so awesome! It has more dessert compared to here.

Just see.. All looks so delicious

I wish Singapore have this..

Our dinner..

And dessert..

And back to hotel!

This one was one damn awesome first night. We took this super cheap taxi called "tuk tuk".


We had buffet for our breakfast. There was alot of foods until I cannot decide what to pick. HAHA. Too many. But end up I decided to have this...

Considered light breakfast for me. This may be alot but I am still not full after I had this. HAHAHA

One of the so called like "bugis street" for us. It has nothing other than clothings and more clothings around..

Platinum Mall! Best place to find all sort of clothings. HAHA

Opposite platinum mall, City Complex!

After that afternoon, shopping around and stuffs, we had our lunch at another restaurant. The journey usually took us around 45mins to an hour.. From one place to another. Yeah, that far. It's like you know, Jurong to Pasir Ris. HAHA

One of the them being so nice to me and bought for me this. Delicious! Hot & Spicy chicken for my lunch somehow..

After lunch, we went to this place.... The grand palace..

That's me! =D

This is one of the ticket given to us

Done with one round, I decided to chill myself with this cooling fan. 

After that grand palace, they brought us to this another place.. This one is more like exhibition hall ^.^

Oh I find this one cool! We had to stand one line that time infront of this big display, when we wave, there's butterflies appeared on the display. Cool shit! HAHA. All I know I kept waving at it. Looks stupid but I find it fun. Haha!

Ticket again to enter the exhibition hall..

This was taken in the dark..

Nice right?

Ah, this one its like showing the entire place including the grand palace we went just now..

This one funny. Each and everyone of us sat infront of that thing. Then this thing will capture our face only, after which, it will be played on another screen with our faces on it. Like animation like that..

We had our dinner here, its called Mak Yah Restaurant. I didn't eat much because I don't feel like eating so much..

Like always, after dinner, they sent us back to the hotel. That night, we went shopping on ourself again. Never ending. Since the first day, keep on buying and buying things. HAHA


Early morning after our breakfast, we went to this market called floating market. It is called floating market because most of their goods are sold from boats.

Cheese! =D

Oh they bought one of these! It taste good!

So brave I guess. HAHA. I was laughing all the way when they carried the snake with them..

I bought quite alot of things at that floating market. So lucky that I brought along my bag, so I don't have to carry those plastic bags around. HAHA. I like it handy! After floating market they went to one of these temple. I didn't got down from the bus. Too lazy.

After the temple, we went to this mall, MBK Mall. Shop again, buy things again. Nothing new. Walk around the mall and have our lunch there at KFC.

The KFC so good. Got plates. I had these. Its like a combo meal. Delicious~

Coming to evening, we went to catch this fight night for awhile before we board up the bus. HAHA

Buffet for our dinner. It was at one of the hotel..

Back to the hotel, its only day 3 I feel like I've bought so much things. Luckily my luggage can fit in all of them..

Oh I bought things for my family, my friends, and myself =D

Day 3 night was awesome. What I know, we enjoyed so much on that night! HAHAHA. And end up sleeping so late.


This was one of the best because we're allowed to wake up slightly later than usual.. Went to this place called "Dream World". It was hell lots of fun! More like USS I guess. I haven been to USS before so I don't know. But its like a fun place to go because it has rides!

This one awesome. I get to bang people's car. HAHAHA. Reminds me of my childhood times I played this with my mum (;

One of the crazy ride that I swear I'll never forget. Its called Raptor! I took this ride and end up throwing up after that. HAHA. Because it keeps on spinning round and round non-stop.

Cable car! I took this too.

Tired already. Cannot smile properly.

This is Ami and Lan! They're one of those fun people throughout the trip.

We took so many rides but some I never take picture. Had too much fun and got carried away. HAHAHA! Oh yes! I received at big bear from stranger. He didn't want it, he insisted when I refused to take it but end up I just took it because he kept on glancing at me like that. HAHA

Not much on day 4, I also cannot remember that much.. HAHA

DAY 5 - Last Day

In the morning after I woke up, prepare myself and had breakfast together with my room mates.

That was the big bear I mentioned earlier! HAHA. Don't even have to play those games to win this ^.^

Oh yay in the bus already. To the mall, last round shopping and off to airport.

Finally I bought this. Corn pie. Yeah!

Bought this from KFC! HAHA

We had our time shopping for one last round then had our last lunch together. Again, spent time at that mall again round and round.. HAHA

Lunch ^.^

Once reached airport, we unload our stuffs to the trolley.. by then it was like going evening already.. expected time to reach Singapore was 930pm..

Yeah, this much.

One last picture with the tour guide. She has been the best throughout the 5d4n trip!

Had this. Too hungry. HAHA

And this. Hot Milo. Somebody was being too kind for all these in the plane...

This one bye bye to Bangkok already. Had a great time down there. It was damn good getaway for me.

Finally I'm done! Actually there's so much to type but I cannot remember what happened. So I only share what I can remember. Anyway thanks for reading. I'll update again soon! (;


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