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My hair is getting longer by the days, I'm happy =D

Something new for tonight. Well this post wasn't meant to be sad or solemn but I really feel that its worth to share.

Recently I got to know this guy. He's sort of a nice and friendly person but at first, I didn't expect him to be so clingy on me. Yes, as a person, I am clingy too but unfortunately, he was much more clingy than I am. Things has been so much difficult for me for that particular week, past few days to be exact. But I know life has to move on. He was rather extremely sensitive over small things. Ridiculous for some reasons. Throughout the days, I appreciate him making time for me, meeting me after work and willingly to listen to my problems and all. Yes it was hard for him too after he confessed how he felt towards me. But on my side, I can't possibly accept him as someone special or anything else other than being friends because we just knew each other. Well as much as I am hurt by the things that happened lately, I understand that in a way, he was trying to help me with the severe problems that I'm encountering, this actually does more harm to him than good. Eventhough he offered to make everything right, I shouldn't allow him to take on most of my problems because somehow I feel like he is losing his identity during that period of time. Whereby he had to adapt and suit himself in order to be comfortable being friends with me.

Talks after talk, yes we argued too. Every single things I'd never forget what I told you and so on. I know how much interest you have in me but I'm sorry I really can't take you as someone special. But I appreciate that you took the effort to learn how to understand me as a person. Of course I'll never forget the part you wanted to date me but sadly, I've never been on date before. That's why I took you as a friend instead of anything else. Those advices you gave me, well it really helps somehow. Frankly I've never met anyone who'd appreciate me at the end of the day, in this short period of time but you, appreciated me so much. Besides the arguments, I'm happy that at the end of the day, you taught me something among anyone that I've known so far. Yeah, things come and go for a reason but for your part, you left something for me, that I'd definitely remember for life and taking it as a lesson for myself. At first I thought this friendship wasn't even worth at all because of how clingy you are but slowly, I'm starting to learn you too and its great to know that you're learning me too. True this friendship will go nowhere but it's like a life lesson for me. All those moments we had, its like something normal for me but you somehow had knocked some sense to me. HAHA! This is very true. Inside out, you may not know me but seeing how things end up, its really great knowing you as a friend.

Lastly, thank you so much for everything. You'd usually be wondering why isn't there any post about you, and therefore, here you go. Something for you. I may not be the best friend you know or the best person but at the end of the day, you made me feel appreciated. You somehow reminded me of how great I am as a person. Thank you. Maybe due to the things that's bothering me and the problems I had, that's why I got carried away and didn't appreciate myself as much as you did. Miss independent is what you've been labeling me. HAHA! Its been awhile since someone picked me up from the bottom and make me strong once again. I apologize for ranting at you through the phone calls about something that doesn't even concern you at all. I just couldn't think straight whenever something brings me down. Its amazing too knowing how you could figure out the passcode on my phone without having me to tell you. HAHA. You also reminded me of how much I need to really value myself as a person, to financial wise and to responsibility. I've nothing else to say but its great knowing you in this special month too. I hope whatever that you're pursuing right now, I wish you all the best ahead. And never give up! Hehe. Remember that I once told you, I wouldn't cry or so if this friendship would end? Surprisingly I did actually. HAHA! Saddening for me but it's okay. Yes you may be younger than me but its how mature you are that has made me have respect on you. Maybe until now, I'm sure you can see that there's a big difference between how much you've judged me at first and now. I'm happy that I'm able to change your views towards me. Yeah at first you underestimate me but until today, I am very sure I'm not like what you think =D It takes time to understand and know me as a person. Eventhough it was just few days, its great to know someone like you.


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