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Hi! Don't mind my messy hair like always. Been stucked at home for the whole day. Finishing up updating my blog with new scripts and html. Took me hours to do it. Last time I have alot of time to do it but now, I don't think I have that much time compared to before. However, I'll try to squeeze my time for my blog just like how I used to.

Today I woke up in the afternoon. Nothing much to share about. Usually my weekends are occupied but for today. I shall take time off. Ditched my photoshoot earlier in the morning. Didn't feel like going. Moodless. I don't know why. Maybe next time then I'll go. Oh yes, been putting away my phone from myself lately. I just feel like doing so. Thankfully I end this week with a smile. Thank to someone. I shall not mention who but he has always been the one with me for every single day on my phone without fail. At times I have to say he's also unpredictable but its okay, I'm getting used to it.

Well, for those who doesn't know that I'm single, I am single already after 4 and a half year of relationship. We had a breakup recently. Shall not share much about that part here. I don't wish to share anyway. But somehow, I must tell myself to adapt to this new status. I won't find, but I hope the right one will come. Hopefully.

For now, I'm blessed to have such good friends around me. They have been there all along with me throughout my sucky situation. Well especially for this one bestfriend of mine. No matter what, I know he is trying his best to cheer me up and yes I'm slowly letting it go.. I don't feel like doing it but I have to..

Tomorrow is Monday. Back to school. I don't wish to miss any lessons anymore this week. Its been quite sometimes since I last attend morning class. Don't know what's wrong with me, I tend to skip morning classes and this is bad, I know. Tomorrow I shall start coming to morning classes and my stupid bodyclock, have to be adjusted really soon. Cannot sleep late anymore already. I've start working out lately too. I hope it works. All in my life I never done such workout before. HAHAHA! Something new for me if there's really a change. I'll be super excited I guess. Nothing much I can share but I am very satisfied that finally after two bloody months, I started blogging back again. HAHA. I hope this will continue because from the start, I really love blogging. Been blogging since I was 13 years old.

Okay until here. I will still update tomorrow, don't worry =D


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