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I kinda miss Cameron. The first trip few months ago was really awesome. I hope to go there again soon. Oh no, maybe this time, I want to try go Genting! HAHA! Mum said I went Genting only when I was baby. Very small for what. HAHA! Now I'm grown up already, can travel. That time also I went to Bangkok. The trip was hell fun, and it makes me wanna go there again and again. Not because of anything special there but because down there, you can shop till drop at all times. The things there are super cheap and not costly. Well recently my bestfriend had already planned to have vacation with me around September but she told me to bring someone along. I have yet to decide who to tag along. HAHA! Cannot think of anyone right now. But of course I'll bring someone who can travel and who likes to travel. Oh yes, and of course, who likes to shop and don't mind going shopping with me. Cause accompanying me to shop can take hours. I'd probably spend half an hour or so inside one shop. Even one of my classmate almost got pissed off with me that day while accompanying me, she almost left the shop but luckily she didn't. HAHA!

Why I posted the picture above with my younger brother because for those who doesn't know, he's currently in NS already. Been almost a month, I guess? Yeah~ I seldom talk to him anymore like how we used to. Otherwise everyday we both for sure nonsense with each other. He's like the master of crappy conversation, like always. Since young. And I'd be the one helping to laugh only =P It's fun but now he doesn't have that much time to spend due to the fixed routine. But nevermind, I still will get to see him over the weekend. Every week confirm got ghost story from him about his dorm. I like to hear those ghost story or anything creepy. I just like it ^.^

Earlier in the morning, for some reason I got pissed off. But its okay, by now I'm already fine. And even lately, I don't know what's wrong with me but I think I'm cranky for no apparent reason. Mood swing maybe? I don't know. Whatever it is, I hope everything's going to be alright. Talking about this, reminds me about last Monday.. I felt sorry because it was last minute that I didn't show up. I also don't know what's wrong with me. But its Thursday now. I think I'm mentally disturbed already since last week. HAHA! Some things are bothering me I guess, that's why I became as such. Its okay~ I hope I'll be fine soon? Really soon. Sometimes I think you're right, its time for me to be brave and do what's right. I can't be dwelling on things that'll only cause hurts to me. No way! I don't like to feel hurt. Suck big time. Oh after school just now I had so much fun chilling and having fun with my classmates. It's like once in awhile that I gave myself a break after so long. And soon, I think I'm going for some getaway. I need to self declare holiday somewhere during August. Thanks to my dear bestfriend for always been telling me over and over again not to skip school. I'm at the edge of dropping out. But again, 50/50. Maybe yes maybe no. I have a choice to drop out or stay. Maybe I'll think about it.

Feel like there's so much thing to rant down here but I couldn't think of a proper way to share. My blogging skill downgrade already I guess. HAHAHA! Long time never blog, I feel like so stupid right now. Otherwise I'll definitely find a way to share in a better way. Maybe I need time alone? I don't know. I'm not used to have all the time alone. You know people usually say "I need my time alone". But that doesn't go well with me. I'd rather have somebody with me that I can share with and so on, rather than be alone. To me, being alone doesn't help at all. You may think that I'm weird but to me, that works perfectly for me. HAHA! Some people might be way stronger than me, that they are able to get over things and do it all by themselves, but to me, I can't. I need someone all along because I simply can't do it alone. However, with the people I'm close with right now, I feel so much blessed. Appreciate the fact that they actually would take take some time to hear me and such. I'll just have to keep telling myself to be strong again and again. That would help. Oh yes, and shopping! Usually when I go to shopping, I'll eventually forget everything. As in, the things that's bothering me. Maybe soon I should go out shopping again. But at the same time, I can't spend too much on unnecessary things. I've been warned. HAHA! Its good to have someone who actually manage your spending. I'm the type who can't control on it, and that's why somebody simply had to remind me time and again to stop spending on crappy items. Hehs.

Other than that, I'm doing perfectly fine. It's almost coming to an end of July. What a month for me, but on the bright side, It's a blessed knowing you during this special month (: I'm happy for what I have right now. Apart from the things that always been bothering me, I think it's time that I should put to a stop and don't care what's worrying me. It'll only bring negative attitude about me. No good. Hahah!

I hope someday, someone would appreciate me and not give me heartbreaks and all because I promise to myself that I'll never hurt the one that love me for who I am as a person =D I strongly believe there is such a person. It's the matter of time only. Hehe. Goodnight! ^.^


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