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WorsT daE i eVa HaD in CCA

Tisha here...
im gonna tell u dat on last fridae(20/1) was veriee sianz sia.. u noe y?? look 1st dey az us 2 change our attire to Full U in 8mins.. den when come back, c dey r in push-up position... walau veri wat.. dey az 2 do 8 or 9 push-up im not sure...n we hab 2 do it i az den y dey sae bcoz we late 2mins... k fine wth mie.

After all.. dey az 2 change 2 our PE attire back.. dey give us onlie 4mins 2 change..... we flooded d toilet by rushing over it... when come back, dey r in pumping position.. sian arrgghhh!!! dey scold us lyke hell force us 2 do 39 push-up coz we 1min late.. dey sae we want 1min 2 cost how mani push-up so sm uf dem sae 10.... walau dat bloody mouth!! den + our frend drop dwn d unifrm(10push-up) + 1 cadet late(10) so altogether 39 push-up........ we do it.. after all our face r totalli red!! dey az 2 wash our face after washiiing we have 2 do footdrillzzz... b4 i do d footdrill.. i felt myself lyke blackout, it was so lucky dat im not totalli blackout.. go home my arms pain.. walau dey all veri wat sia!!


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