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Hello peep :D
its been a long tyme iie nver update.
& noww..
iiem updatin it.
bz ferr dhis fews daes with works.
some works.. :x hahahah :/

Will start recalling ysterdae & todae's happenings :)

23 Nov '07

went ferr a grpwrk session near hg mall thre.
ended at 5.30pm.
went ferr lunch 2gedder wth them at kpt .(:
well.. we talk n slack round thre..

k dhen went to pnggl park.
left with me,anson,kimberly,delona,sherry & chin min.
oke. we fynd a place to slack.
aft dhat we talk2. laugh2.
anson shared some uf his stories with us.
oke. its cumin nite.
arnd 7.30pm plus .. & we're still talkin abt ghost storiess..
we planned to go to e japanese cementry..
bt sad, cos chin min wasnt able to go with us.
she nid to go hm.
so left 5 ppl.(:

dhen we took a bus otw going to sherry's hse.
cos she wanted to change hur clothes.
we took a bus and walk long cut.
it took us 45mins to reach hur hse.
tiring . bt aft dhat, went to dhe wrong way to go out.
haha. hev to walk back..
rest ferr awhile at dhe playgrnd nearby.
then,arnd 10pm we walk..

walk2..reach 2 dhe place redi.
dhe place was sow dark.
i was lyke .. OOOMMG..:0
dhen.. maie fwen anson, called me to tel me smtg.
he called me to look on smtg bt i didnt saw..
infact iie heard smtg. -ppl cryin.
ehh quite scary.
didnt want to mention. :x

aft whad iie saw..
iie cudnt talk.
no idea whye. damn .
dhen we went to dhe playgrnd.
sit thre ferr awhile.
it was 10.45pm redi..
luckylie i gort smone hu can sent me back hm.
e others went back hm.
anson & delona sent me back hm.

reach to kovan. i, anson & delona went to arcade.
play percussionfreaks 9thmix.
yeah. dhen. its 11.20pm.
woahhh.! cumin midnite sia..

lastly, went back hm at 11.45pm.
wash my leg, face n took a shower.
dhen eat aft dhat immediately sleep.(:

24 Nov '07 - Todae (:

finally myne blogskin ishh done.
new redii. aites.!(:
frm morning till nw dhen its done.
iiem sooow happy.
superhappy. yeah.!!
hope euus guys lyke it.
enjoy friends.~
&dont 4get to tag me yeah.!


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