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well.. iiem rili tired ryte now.
ohh btw.
just bought a new hp.
samsung L760.
iiem gettin crazii yeah.!
ahahs. nwae.. iie didnt sleep sehh..
sooo tired.
ystdae guhh shoppin..
at AMKhub.
so todae guhh townin.
ystrdae ate at KFC.
iie ate Zinger+Cheese Fries and drank coke.(:
full sehh..
guhh hm arnd 11pm lyke dhat.
nw my shoulder is achein'
ouch.! gotta go to sleep then.
heres are some of the picsa taken ysterdae..

PS: all pictures uploaded here is UNEDITED. xcept ferr dhis ferst 3 pics. (:

i love dhis~~~

>.< hahas.

- life or desire ? */

ohh.. dhats maie grannii. & my samsung (:

ahha. this is me.

of cos thats maie momma.:D

oooouuuurrrhhh..dhe contrast suckx. =x

this one also.!! =p fcukq.!

hahahs. SMILE.! (: maie lil cutebro'.


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