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HELLO people.
well.. nowadaes.. iiem gettin bz..
soo iie guess iie gort no tyme updatin my blog..

to maie readers.. tenqs ferr takin euur tyme to read.
app it lots.
ohh.. btw..
do tag yeah.
cos iie found maie recent reader redd.

imma refresh maie post frm dhe past...

26 Jan 'o8
iie went out..
to kovan.
shoppin.. with mum..
& adeks..
photos.. mayb iif iie upload then i'll try publish here keyhh.
guhh mcd aft shoppin.
dhen.. went home arnd 11 smtg..
& my hmwrk nort done.

29 Jan 'o8
ystrdae.. went to eunos int.
sent smtg..

dhen.. arnd 7.30 guhh potong pasir mcd.
miit daffi.
miss all my fwens thre...

well.. dhen aft dhat took NEL to kovan..
rainn sehh.. bt nvm..
planned to go LAN..
but dhen aites.. closed redd..
sadd.. -.-
dhen went to arcade..
watch my bro & daffi play maximum tune.
it was great oii.

& iie reach hm at 11.30pm.
hell jyeah wyf hmwerk nort done.
revise oso nort bothered..
bath & sleepp..

28 Jan 'o8
todaee was sooo sian.. tiredd luhs..
math lessn was bored.
reading osoo.

gort math remidial at 2.30pm..
but iie nverr guhh.
lazyyy luhs..
no mood to study...

eng lessn do our own studyy timetable..
fcuk luhs..
myne gort rejected lots of time..
iiem nort gudd eyn plannin dhis kynd of junks.
all dhis ferr me iss just a crap.
im nort gonna make use of it nwae..
so whye waste maie tyme planned it soo well..

im now tiredd.. & bored.
seriously. life gettin bored.
withh dhe lessn & subj.

**smone pls helpp me .~


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