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well, so long ive nver been update my blog.
cos nw my comp at hm like going mad ardd.
& im fedup..
smmore plus th usb spoil.
thn smtymes i open comp thn nver detect th screen.
fcuk lurhs.
thn hw go login fs all!!!
wtf. so bored.
bt i did told my dad to buy new comp.
& he agrees. yay!!!
either laptop or new desktop.

so fwens, if i nver update my stuffs all im sorry kehhs.
cos uf my comp la.
spoil plan only.
thn cant upload new pictures..
urrrrgggghhhh!! x[[[[
okeehhh lurhs.
im so exausted nw..
gotta go.

& bdw,
i-m my baby.!! its been 2mths we didnt mit.



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