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last sat was fun.
hee. =))
its our cca flag day.
so we ask ppl to put in some coins inside da tins.
we go under dis blk.
then ma fwen ; jassmine.
saw dis cat.
she feel sowie 4 dis cat.
haa. dat tyme was in de morning.
at abt 8 smtg...
so she rushly find food 4 de cat tuhh eat.
go tuhh cold storage,
buy cat food.
walau. de cat eat 2 tymes sia.
so she have tuhh buy 1 more.
haa. hungry hungry.
i look at herr.
i was tinkin'... if i were herr...
i would rather buy food for maself.
then the cat...
haa... coz im a type uf person dat is scared of cat.
den go yishun.
@ northpoint talk talk.
walk walk.
den go bck tuhh skool.

btw... tokin abt yana..
erms.. not dat I dowan tuhh admit...
is dat de one whom post in herr tagboard...
as I've told ya. i didnt even noe hu is YANA.
if u look @ ma tagboard..
there so called AKSHA.
dis aksha has been tagging STUPID post.
4 de past 3 wks....
so after all...
I tot is euu... hu is de AKSHA.
dat y I came tuhh scold euu.
but in the end its not.
I rili dono y ppl do tinks wthout tinkin'....
n.. if u wanna noe.. im oso tryin tuhh be NICE tuhh eu.
but if euu treat muie dat de one whom post in ur tagboard is muie...
den i hab tuhh accpt it.
coz tuhh muie dats rili not muie.
I must learn tuhh accpt de reality.
onli GOD noes de TRUTH.


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