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tudae ishh tchers dae.
de wonderful dae ferr tchers.

tudae.im SO happie.
bcoz its half dae skoolin.
i can go home fast.
n sleep.

btw.. during de tchers dae.
lots uf tchers gt their award.

after de celebration end..
go tuhh class.
coz we want tuhh gib our tcher smtg.

den... de tyme he come.
we all cheers ferr hym.
wheeee.. fun.
ma chairman n vice chair gib ma tcher de surprise.

after giving...
he read wds inside the letter.
ma fwen cried.
hee. sad sad lerr.

he told us we r the MOST diff class.
he eva handle.
coz we r stubborn mahh.
n we also told hym.
not tuhh gib up on us.

den he told hym tuhh open de gift.
tadaa. its his fav tinkgy.
a COFFEE machine.
we also wish hym all the best 4 his fitness test.


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