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oh well.. monday ..tuesday..
didnt turned up fr skwl..
was lz by right..
yes i purposely didnt wanna turned up..
only aftr tht day then dont need go skwl ..
go skwl only fr nlvl..
great isnt it..

nwae, ysterday, went to wdland w my bro..
went to meet fadly & fwens..
as usual..fadly owaes late..
late by 45mins..haha..
while waiting, th fwens accompany me go wdland civic centre..
return my library books. x] -i read books okeh!
then met fadly..
we slack2..
walk to marsling..talk-talk..
then arnd 5 i went hm w my bro..
fadly & his fwen..cudnt rmbr who..
sent us to th bus-stop.
went hm cos fwl lyke slppng..

bdw, i still haven go shoppin fr hari raya..
fri then go..
so dont ask again im prepared or not fr raya.


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