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so today, went to meet my nico deariieee..
hmm, i came late cos i dnt usually wake up early..
threfore, late. hahas. xD
& what a bad cos he thought im coming alil more late..
haahs. what a surprised whreby usually he requested fr me to come early-early-early.
so so so, came arnd 2 & otw, it rained.
dangs. it wetted my clothings all..& me.
tht tyme, wen i brought umbrella, it didnt rain..
nw, wen i didnt, it rains.

his mom, dad & mike was hm.
didnt rmbr of asking th mom smtg..
arrghhh. *knock-head*
nw wen typing, then rmbr.
well, i had sooooooo gr8-gr8-gr8 time.
i love it.
until i gt my lip & tongue blued i didnt knw..
cos of th candy stick, tht i saw on mike's bed and gt attracted.
and i ate em..
w/o knwing tht it will turn my lip & tongue coloured.
cos it taste sweet & kinda blueberry.
suck th candy & didnt knw tht it turned my lip & tongue into blue.
thanks soooo much deaarriie.
if u didnt stop meh,
iel be like as if celebrating 'belated' hallowen -& u laughed wen i told ya tht. xD
ahaks. yerp. if nt, i'll be going hm with my lip tht turning more blueiy.
of cos i felt its kinda wasted wen u asked to dispose em.
sad, but nvmynd~
and, this time, funfunfun.
catching th shoootttiinnggg starss was awesome to meh.
thought didnt get to but yes i getta catch em.
hehs. closer&closer&closer.
full percentage fr ya baybeh!
i love you.

aft tht,
went bck hm halfway w mike..
had a nice chat w ya mike.
ure kinda humourous too.
and, thanks fr th advised.
so so much thanks.

i took lotsa _/\,-,/*censored*\,-,/\_ photos..
mood dunno why soooo good.
credits to nico fr sure.

meet again yawwww~
i love nico!
i love nico!
i love nico!
i love nico!
i love nico!


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