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ystrday mood down-down-down.
1st dec, happy/glum mood.
2nd dec, glum mood.

all wasnt thre fr me xcept my babylove.
dangs. i dnt need all i guess.
having you is more than enuf baby.
thanks fr being thre wen i need you.
yes, bfore you wasnt thre fr me.
but present, its like a miracle.
sudden changed fr me.
friends just dnt understand me.
up & downs, you know it dear.
thought you wudnt care much fr me.
but then,
i feel closer & closer to you honestly.

bfore, a friend of mine used to make me laugh.
wheneva im down..& nver lemme down.
but nw, its vice versa.
hes perishing away frm me.
i dnt need him nmore.
his words are just gratis.

hmm, enjoyin my life much better with my dearie nico.
worth than anything.
i love nico, i love nico.


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