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hey all!
well, yeh i knw it has been days since i didnt update..
im nw kinda busy & nt free like bfore...
whreby i used to update my blog daily & often..
i can say some post are boring..
but well, so far, thanks fr th compliment on my blog..
& thanks fr reading my blog too.
hmm, bfore i start.
lemme talk abt ystrday..

ystrday i met fazli twice!
yeh i knw alot of post all fazli fazli fazli!
cos hes soooo gr8!
i just love hanging around with him.
hes kinda kewl to chillax with..
went to sent him to class..
aft tht,
break, met gary.
& met fazli again..
had a class test..
my gawd..
i hope i can pass this time..
cos gary said this..
"i want you to pass..otherwise i won't friend you"
my gawd..tht line freak me alot..
& make me wanna study..
thanks gary! ily! muacks!
alright, had a test..
aft test, end sch..
which is around 5..
then, slack with friends fr like 1hr i guess..

tht days was a graduation day fr th senior..
so, at th foyer, thres like a buffet..
me & farah & rizal went thre just to grab some food..
haha, like nobody's business..
aft tht, slack at red table..
then to th canteen..haha
have fun all..hahs
till like 7+ we all went off.

& today,
went to meet gary & friends..
today was kinda funny..
first went to sch to take some stuffs..
then, head dwn to sengkang library..
30mins aft i reached thre,
gary & friends came..
hmm, aft few mins,
one of his friends was actually my fs friend..
haha, wtheaven..
i was shocked little while & laugh..
my gawd..what a small city..
so far, i found 2 of gary's friends are connected to me also..
so they came around 3.30pm..
slack fr an hr w me..
then went off.
nw im updating my blog..
& im off too.

oh yeah,
& bfore i frgt, heres th pictures of some updated ones..
**& as fr some photos, they might look funny so yeah, enjoy.**

they look gay bt they're fun! haha{/tryna look hawt here}

comb hair as if they're looking hawt! haha XD

omg, th nerdys~ haha

tryna be aggressive! haha

cute faces of em.. XD

take my words, u'll laugh if u see it in real life..haha XD

i was lol when i looked at this picture. haha

awwww, this was th starting..haha

tht day out to SDC

standard. farah;ezum&me

clumsy! haha

i like this picture!

funny funny! XD

chicken little or nafri? haha

oh, all tht top seats & hakim which is on bottom right was my clan..hehe
bottom right is shahirah..

i feat farah. hehe

look, hw insane we are..haha

bluekx! XD

loop loop smile! haha

stupid clumsy faces..hahha

we like this, so stylish! look at all th hair waves..haha

i dnt need put th stick on my head cos i had one! haha XD


tht day on th comp day..

in th toilet..random candid

i like my hair! haha

ezum feat tisha {/woooh}


cooliiesss i like this! as if wea on th road..haha

random shot by ezum.

end of photos.
bbye ~


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