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hey peeps!

ystrday i had my phase test..
at arnd 12+..
aft phase test,
slack arnd th field with ezum...
ezum was the first to end th test..
im th second..
woohooo! ;D
alright, slack ardd..
then, hrs hakim came..
at tht tyme ezum wasnt arnd..
so went to canteen with hakim..
then, didnt went to second class..
met fazli..sent him to th bus stop..
& then,
gary came..
all went up except fr me & farah..
slacked with gary..
then bf called..
gary had a chance to talk with my bf..
aft tht,
till like 6pm..
sent him..
& then, off to my dance prac..

today i got no sch..
threfore, i wentta meet gary..
came sch, met him thre..
then, went to compass..
dwn to kfc..eat..
then peno & andrina came..
aft tht,
slacked fr like till 5.40..
then off to th compass height..
coincidence, met my bro & his gf & their friends..
slacked with em..
arnd 7, gary, peno & andrina went off.
at 8, my bro & th gf & their friends went off..
nw left me.
& im gg off soon.

tmrw got rock-climbing!
thanks fr tagging me to join.. :D
i've gotta try smtg new..
gotta be fun i guess..

alright, till here tcares .~


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