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hi. today i stayed home again, wasting time away watching Misteri Jalan Lama movie and deleting 2011 photos from my phone. reason why because its taking up too much space in my phone. zen came my house to play NFS(need for speed) with me. we're both on level 10 currently and i love my new car that i bought which is Mazda RX7. woohooo! imagine if i were to have that car. confirm awesome.

tomorrow i'll be having BL meeting in school and idk what to wear, as in the attire. (Y) best. i've got myself in the position of being a secretary for EIT. thanks to dear bf, zen for helping me throughout my year. and on the 7th i'll be having outing with dear zen to celebrate our monthsary together. 8th photoshoot and 9th, S-C-H-O-O-L. which means i need to wake up damn early to be in school for orientation. that's all and i think what a boring update. HAHA! bye!


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